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5 reasons why you should attend HexCon22

Eugene Raynor

Sep 13, 2022

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With the end of September just around the corner, Hexnode’s third global user conference, HexCon22, is ready for takeoff.

The three-day event, scheduled to commence on September 21 until September 23, will feature more than 100 speakers from various domains including endpoint management, cybersecurity, ransomware, IoT, zero trust, cloud security, data compliance, leadership & management, workplace productivity, and more.

So, if you haven’t registered yet, here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on HexCon22.

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1: The line up

HexCon22 features a diverse lineup of speakers and experts from a wide range of businesses and industries. Here’s a quick overview of what to anticipate from the event.

Apu Pavithran, Founder and CEO of Hexnode, will deliver the opening keynote message, joined by Rachana Vijayan (CMO and Director of Sales, Marketing and Partnership), Sahad M (CTO), and Bijo Paulose John (COO).

Professor Ciaran Martin, will share valuable insights on the role of public-private co-operation in cyber defense, and the need for a strong enterprise cyber defense strategy, in an exclusive interview with Apu Pavithran.

Joe Tidy, will offer insights on issues including cybercrime, hacking, privacy, and pretty much everything related to the internet, in an exclusive interview with Sarika Abraham (PR, Media, and Events Manager).

Frank Figliuzzi, will share his expertise and knowledge on the ins and outs of intellectual property protection.

Burton Kelso, will enlighten you with smart tips to help you run your business remotely and keep it safe from hackers. 

Brian Contos, will offer some of his insightful knowledge and perspectives on enterprise IoT security.

Attendees can gain exclusive insights from over 100+ similar experts and leading figures over various industries.

2: The agenda

HexCon22 attendees gain access to more than 60 hours of content, including in-depth sessions, exciting keynotes and product demos delivered by industry leaders and Hexnode experts.

Attendees can expect:

  • Exclusive sessions from industry leaders on enterprise mobility management, endpoint security, cybersecurity, IoT, and more.
  • Valuable insights on key areas including hybrid work, data privacy, productivity, and building a healthy workplace.
  • Product demos and in-depth sessions from Hexnode experts so that you learn the best practices for endpoint management.

Be it a customer, a partner, a cybersecurity enthusiast, or a casual attendee, HexCon22 has something to offer for everyone.

3: The updates and announcements

Apart from being a global event where attendees can gain valuable insights, HexCon22 is also a platform where the Hexnode community can catch up on what’s new with Hexnode, and stay up to date on all our releases. And trust me, those are quite a lot.

At the end of the day, if you missed all our webinars, newsletters, blogs, articles and emails from the previous year, you could attend HexCon, and you’d be all caught up.

– Apu Pavithran, @HexCon21

Keeping up with traditions, HexCon22 will set the stage for announcements on new feature releases, product updates, sneak peeks on what’s cooking, and more.

4: The leaderboard, contests and prizes

What, did you think HexCon was all business and no fun? My dear friend, you’re terribly mistaken. There’s an exciting selection of fun and entertaining events and sessions waiting for you, so stay tuned!

At Hexnode, we believe it’s terrible manners to leave our guests empty-handed. So, apart from all the wisdom and knowledge you (will definitely) gain from HexCon22, you also stand a chance to win some exciting goodies!

  • It’s all hush hush, but I can tell you we’ve got something special prepared for the top three names on the leaderboard. Move up on the leaderboard by attending sessions, participating in events, and connecting with other attendees.
  • Upload some cool selfies on social media along with the hashtags #thehexnode and #hexcon22. Who knows, *wink wink 😉  you may be in for a pleasant surprise!
  • Are you up for something more challenging? Alright, let’s test your ability to “Jump to the future!”. Yep, you read it right. Navigate to the filters tab on Facebook or Instagram, and have a go at our unique AR filter (you can type and search for ‘HexCon22’). Beat the high score, and your efforts will be well rewarded!

5: The HexCon experience

HexCon22 is all about learning, networking and building professional relationships. It is an opportunity for attendees to get to know Hexnode better and make use of the multitude of benefits it has to offer.

With HexCon, attendees are offered a platform to discover and share their knowledge and insights and educate themselves on the tools and best practices in the industry.

And the best part about HexCon? It’s a fully immersive virtual experience. Which means you can attend from, quite literally, anywhere!

Join from the comfort of your home, listen to sessions while working out, or head on over to your favourite café. There are countless ways to enjoy HexCon22.

P.S, make sure you’re equipped with a stable internet connection! 😊

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