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Is Apple Business Manager an MDM?

It is easy to mistake ABM with an MDM, but in reality, it is not an MDM. Although it surely works well with an MDM to unlock superior management capabilities. Apple Business Manager is a web portal that helps businesses quickly deploy Apple devices to their users, purchase content and seamlessly distribute them in combination with a Mobile device Management solution. 

Get the most out of ABM using Hexnode integrations

Hexnode MDM integrates with Apple Business Manager to enable hands-free enrollment, streamlined set up process and non-removable management profile on a bulk of devices purchased through a participating Apple Authorized Reseller or network provider. 

Hexnode also allows organizations to enroll the devices added to ABM manually using Apple Configurator 2. Using the Volume Purchased Program consolidated into ABM, Hexnode users can purchase apps and content and assign them to users or devices. The apps distributed in this way are installed silently on the end-user devices, and the licenses can be revoked and reassigned to a different user at any time by the organization.