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Does Apple Business Manager require UEM?

Apple Business Manager is an online portal that helps configure and deploy Apple devices to enterprises through a central console. 

You do not necessarily require a UEM server to integrate with Apple Business Manager. It is possible to configure and manage Apple devices manually using just the ABM portal. However, the access to features that you gain using a UEM server is unmatched, enterprises can simplify the licensing and distribution of Apps and Books to endpoints. 

Get the most out of ABM using Hexnode integrations

For instance, rather than manually enrolling and configuring devices, your enterprise can utilize Apple Business Manager with a UEM like Hexnode to effortlessly enroll devices in bulk to your UEM portal. It’s easier to buy, distribute, and cancel app licenses for the devices and users your company manages, using Hexnode.  

Hexnode UEM adds remote actions, location tracking policies, advanced restrictions, and other features to help protect and manage Apple endpoints.