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How do I use Apple School Manager?

Apple School Manager is an online portal that lets schools and institutions configure and deploy Apple devices to classrooms. To use Apple School Manager, you must first enroll your institution in ASM. You can then use Managed Apple IDs to create and manage user accounts for your students and staff.

Using Automated Device Enrollment, you can add devices to the portal and assign them to your students and instructors. The Apps and Books tab lets you purchase, manage and distribute content in bulk to your managed Apple devices.

When used in conjunction with a Mobile Device Management solution, Apple School Manager enables your technicians to streamline the deployment of Apple devices to classrooms.

Using an MDM solution, enterprises can assign and revoke App licenses to users and devices and simplify the process of finding, purchasing and distributing Apps and Books in bulk.

An MDM can also provide advanced device monitoring and management capabilities, including the ability to preconfigure devices with policies and restrictions, reconfigure home screen layouts and find stolen or misplaced devices.