Congratulations to all Hexnode Partner Award winners

Heather Gray

Apr 22, 2021

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The growth that we have achieved so far would not have been possible without the dedication and enthusiasm our partners have shown in resolving various endpoint management challenges with HexnodeThe innovations they bring to communities help us and our customers to connect and move forward. 

If there is one thing the past year has taught us, it is the need to adapt with the times. With the increased reliance on digital tools, businesses have begun to realize the importance of digitalizing the workplace and providing employees the flexibility to safely work from anywhere at any time. Our partners have been instrumental in making many businesses do just that with Hexnode UEM.  

The Hexnode Partner Summit was the perfect platform for us to thank our partners for all they have contributed over the years. The winners of the partner awards were announced by Apu Pavithran, Founder and CEO at Hexnode during the closing keynote session.  

Hexnode Partner Award categories  

Sales story of the year award  

The sales story of the year award went to the partner who submitted us with the most impressive case study. There were a few entries and each of them told us a story of commitment and compassion with personal insights into what made them achieve the goal. Among them, FAOnet shared the most unique and impactful success story.   

Freddie Alvarez, CEO of FS SAC
Freddie Alvarez, CEO of FS SAC
FAOnet, one of Hexnode’s resellers from Peru had a client who had to deploy large number of devices with the strictest requirements. The ease with which FAOnet was able to help them achieve this with Hexnode, in addition to their client reporting an increase of 120 percent improvement in staff productivity as a result was truly remarkable.    

Partner of the year award  

This is an invite only award with the nominees chosen by Hexnode. The winner was selected based on various factors such as sales figures, event participation, feature suggestions and other activities. Nominees were already notified before the start of the event.   

This coveted award went to INTRATEMmobility lifecycle management experts harboring more than ten years of experience helping companies manage their mobile expenses. INTRATEM amazed us with their impressive sales figures and customer retention records. Their feature suggestions greatly helped us to stay ahead and meet customer expectations. Their active participation in HexCon20 – Hexnode’s very first user conference clearly showed their enthusiasm to address the challenges posed by managing various endpoints within the enterpriseAlex Dukhonvy, Executive Vice President at INTRATEM gave an enlightening session on reducing enterprise mobile expensesIn the session he shared his thoughts on using the right tool for managing telecom expenses within the enterprise.   

Do-gooder award  

Good deeds should always go rewarded. The Do-gooder award went to the partner who made great strides in contributing to a good cause with Hexnode.  

Winner of the Sales Story of the Year Award
Winner of the Do-gooder Award
MobileXtra, a dynamic company with the aim to help organizations optimize and manage their business mobility helped an NGO in Canada to efficiently meet multiple challenges arising from limitations on budget and internal resources. The tablets that were deployed as kiosks were used by the elderly to connect with their loved ones and have easy access to online programs.   

Benefits of winning Hexnode Partner Awards   

The winners will get mentions within Hexnode blogs, website and monthly newsletters and receive a physical and digital badge which they can display on their website.  

And it was a tough choice…. 

We really had a tough time picking out the winners as we deeply value all the effort our partners have taken up to increase Hexnode’s outreach to businesses across the globe. The success our partners have achieved was not just the fruit of their innovation and creativity but also display of their hard work and commitment towards excellence. When each of them showcase something remarkable towards the vision we have in mind, recognizing only one or a few is hard. 

Nonetheless, we hope you enjoyed being a part of Hexnode Partner Summit. Let’s keep our fingers crossed to meet in person next year.  




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