Hexnode Partner Summit 2021- Hexnode announces its first-ever partner conference

Andrea Jones

Mar 11, 2021

2 min read

Hexnode is all set to unveil its first-ever official partner summit- an opportunity for all our partners to meet us and evolve their business models while at the same time grow profitably. Hexnode Partner Summit 2021 is Hexnode’s initiative to convey our ideologies and build a stronger bond with our partner base. The partner summit had been on our bucket list and we are extremely happy that we could make it happen this year.

The Hexnode Partner Summit is scheduled to be conducted on the 21st of April 2021. It is meant to be an open gathering event for all our partners (resellers, affiliates, and distributors), users and non-users who can join us (virtually) and share their valuable thoughts. The day would start with an opening keynote by our CEO Mr. Apu Pavithran followed by a range of other interesting talks by renowned marketing specialists and internal Hexnode experts. Various facets of sales and marketing ideologies would be the primary focus at the Hexnode Partner Summit 2021 followed by some gamification workshops.

Informative training sessions, partner story sharing, and fun-filled games to lighten up the mood are a few of the major highlights of the event. We heartily invite fellow presenters/delegates to join in and share their valuable ideologies. There also awaits something big for our partners! Guess what? We are giving away prestigious “Best Partner” awards too! Sounds interesting right!

We are extremely delighted to e-meet our partners and share with them the essence of our future endeavors. The Hexnode partner summit will serve as a common ground for us to get to know each other and build our business even further. As we always say, “Our partner’s success is our success”. Let’s take a step ahead to strengthen the bond for the upcoming years.

So why wait? Quickly head towards our website and confirm your seats today! We can’t wait to see you all at the summit. Any comments, feedback, or suggestions are highly appreciated. Let’s stand together for a productive tomorrow!


Andrea Jones

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