• Design automated workflows with artificial intelligence
  • Facilitate conversational AI chatbot for robust IT administration
  • AI self-servicing for enhancing employee productivity
  • Automated ticket resolution for IT admins


Workativ is a no-code SaaS platform designed to deliver remote out-of-the-box support for employees with process automation and artificial intelligence. Workativ offers easy-to-use automation and AI platform to swiftly scale the employee support in just a matter of minutes. Their services include conversational support, AI self-service, workflow automation and automated resolution.

Workativ integration relaxes the IT admins by enabling them to ensure endpoint security on the go through an AI–powered chatbot on the apps like Microsoft Teams and Slack. These NLU chatbots are equipped with built-in automation for remote endpoint management. In addition, employees can also use the same chatbot to initiate self-service requests regarding their devices without any hassle. This integration also enables you to design workflows for Hexnode processes for automated ticket resolution.