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Workativ is a FREE no-code SaaS platform for companies to quickly build, automate, and deploy conversational AI chatbots with out-of-the-box app workflow automation,in less than 60 minutes, with no amount of coding. Workativ differentiates itself by transforming and automating workspaces. The HR chatbot is backed by a powerful app workflow automation engine and 600+ pre-built app workflows. Workativ Assistant fully automates a request, for example, the onboarding of new employees, creating and managing distribution lists, unlocking accounts, resetting passwords, creating tickets, and much more. Being a fully automated solution, with an automation marketplace for workflows, the time to resolve issues and requests is drastically low enabling more productivity for employees, HR, and IT Help Desk support teams.

  • Chatbot builder: Build or use pre-built chatbots with out-of-the-box app workflows.
  • App workflow builder: Workativ assistant comes with an easy-to-use no-code workflow builder to build simple to complex app-based automation chatbots in a few minutes.
  • Chat channel integration: Ensure endpoint security on the go through an AI–powered chatbot on the apps like Microsoft Teams and Slack.
  • FAQ bot builder: Build FAQ bots without coding to automate simple and repetitive FAQs and instantly improve the team’s productivity.
  • On-prem app connector: On-prem Connect provides a secure connection between Workativ and on-prem apps behind a corporate firewall.
  • Live agent handover: Workativ delivers seamless ‘agent handover’ of chatbot to live agents with complete context and conversation history.
  • Approval management: Automate and manage approvals for employee requests easily using the chatbot.
  • Bot marketplace: Go live instantly with the pre-built bot, app workflows, chat dialog, and FAQ templates.
  • Analytics, logs, and training: Monitor your chatbot performance easily from a single pane. Use logs, analytics, and training to fine tune your chatbot quickly in a few minutes.
  • Digital onboarding: Automate onboarding tasks for modern HR teams and deliver a positive onboarding experience for new hires.

Workativ helps companies work smarter. In the post-covid-19 world, workplace automation has become more important than ever, and Workativ helps companies automate the workplace using Workativ Assistant and Workativ Automate.
Workativ Assistant is a leading FREE no-code platform for companies of all sizes to build conversational AI chatbots with task or workflow automation in less than 60 minutes. Modern IT and HR teams use Workativ Assistant to transform and automate workplace support using Virtual Agent and HR Chatbot that autonomously resolve employee issues and service requests via MS Teams or Slack in seconds without the need to contact IT and HR teams.
Workativ Automate is a no-code workflow automation platform that helps companies of all sizes to integrate and automate application workflows in a few minutes. Explore integrations with 60+ apps, 500+ prebuilt triggers and actions, and 20,000+ pre-built workflow recipes from their marketplace, so you don’t need to code!

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