Apple School Manager

Operating System: iOS and iPadOS, macOS, Apple TV

  • Access Management
  • Asset Management

Apple School Manager, ASM is a software solution by Apple for schools and educational institutions to provision their device fleet. ASM is an integral component of Apple and Education which is Apple’s solution to enhance the learning and teaching experience at schools using Apple devices.

At its core, ASM is a web-based console for IT administrators to provision purchased devices and purchase applications or book licenses. The devices in ASM can be provisioned as shared devices and enrolled in a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution for advanced device management and distribution of the purchased application licenses. Multiple individuals can use shared devices while their data is kept safe and private.

Hexnode UEM integrates with ASM as a UEM provider. Once integrated, the devices in ASM can be provisioned to be automatically enrolled in Hexnode UEM. The enrolled devices can be managed using the Hexnode UEM console.

  • Zero-touch provisioning: The devices in ASM can be provisioned to be automatically enrolled in Hexnode UEM during the initial device setup. This saves a lot of time and effort for the IT administrators to deploy the devices.
  • Remote management: The enrolled devices can be managed remotely with Hexnode UEM. Security policies can be enforced and network configurations can be deployed to the devices instantly.
  • Application management: Application licenses can be distributed, revoked, and redistributed.
  • Software updates: The device software and application updates can be managed remotely to keep the devices compliant and secure. The software updates can be deferred to prevent service interruption until the compatibility of the newer software is tested.
  • Shared devices: Devices can be provisioned as shared devices. This allows the devices to be securely shared among multiple users while maintaining user privacy.


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