Active Directory

Operating System: Windows

  • Access Management
  • Directory Services

Developed by Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Active Directory is a directory service that gathers information about the resources in an organization’s domain network. On top of delivering an organized structure to store data objects within a network, it extends interaction capabilities among users, devices, and the domain. Active Directory is a secure directory service that authenticates the end-users and validates their authorization to access the company resources.

Microsoft Active Directory integration with Hexnode brings in the user directory information stored on domain network to the mobility management console. Combining Active Directory with Hexnode makes it easier for administrators to enroll users and enforce corporate restriction policies on users, user groups, or organizational units. Additionally, reports/notifications can be generated/scheduled to notify the users/admin, based on compliance criteria associated with the AD users. Moreover, user data fetched dynamically using wildcards can be passed to the target devices while assigning policies, enhancing the user management capabilities of Hexnode.

  • Domain Services: Active Directory stores data objects and manages the interaction between users and the domain network.
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol: Active Directory facilitates Lightweight directory services for cross-platform domain services.
  • Compliance check: Reports can be generated based on conditions met by AD users, and facilitating administrators to keep track of the compliance of users and the associated devices.
  • Authenticated access: Corporate resources and services within a domain network are secured with authenticated access.