• Versatile and Adaptable products – The product line of CipherLab includes mobile computers, barcode scanners, RFID readers and more.
  • Global Market – The product line and services are used globally by various industries like retail, manufacturing, logistics, grocery, health care etc.
  • Multiple Configurations – Hexnode provides an option to add multiple configurations to a device setting to tackle different scenarios.
  • Configure entire settings from a single window – Hexnode enhances user experience by allowing to configure the whole settings from a single window


CipherLab focuses mainly on products that are used for automatic identification and data capture. Their product line includes mobile computers, barcode scanners, RFID readers, and so on which are designed to be versatile and adaptable in industries such as retail, manufacturing, logistics, etc. Mobile computing solutions were engineered to keep people working on the go and to complete their tasks with ease. It also enhances the user data collection in transportation, warehousing, route accounting, and logistics.

The OEMConfig from Android Enterprise has enabled Hexnode to extend support to the dedicated enterprise features of CipherLab. Hexnode MDM allows you to configure the device settings on the CipherLab products. You can configure network settings, display settings, security settings, and much more. Hexnode also provides a feature to deploy settings to the device from a ZIP file. With Hexnode, you could enhance the user experience by configuring and deploying the configurations to all the devices at once.

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