• Superior Performance: Next-gen intrinsically safe mobile devices build to provide top performance with best-in-class technical specifications.
  • Ruggedized Design: Built as highly rugged to offer protection in hazardous environments yet pocket-friendly.
  • Device Safety: Offers ATEX-certified and explosion-proof versions of Pixavi solutions for hazardous environments.
  • Innovate design: Though highly rugged, Pixavi phones are one of the slimmest and lightest safe mobile devices available in the market.


BARTEC Group is the global leader in safety and protection in hazardous areas. BARTEC PIXAVI, a part of BARTEC Group, is primarily focused on creating innovative video collaboration products like wearable cameras. Since its establishment in 1999, PIXAVI has been specializing in the research and development of ATEX and IECEx certified products like smartphones, Wi-Fi infrastructure and more. PIXAVI mobile devices are custom engineered to provide top performance while ensuring the user’s safety. These devices are highly rugged and yet elegant and pocket-friendly.

The Hexnode UEM – BARTEC OEMConfig integration enables the IT admins to have more intricate control over their BARTEC mobile devices. The organization’s IT team can manage most of the devices’ functionalities with the MDM solution. However, for remotely managing some of the intricate device-centric features, Hexnode might require OEM integration. With BARTEC OEMConfig you can have remote access to the features like full control of the programmable button in PIXAVI phones and PIXAVI Thermals, app launch and PTT mode customizations.
Configure device-specific configurations for Bartec devices with OEMConfig