Azure AD


  • Enhanced Authentication features – Provides authentication features like self-service password reset, multi-factor authentication, custom banned password list, and smart lockout.
  • Increase productivity with SSO – Single sign-on provides a superior sign-in experience for existing users by reducing or eliminating sign-in prompts.
  • Supports Hybrid Identity goals – Creates a common user identity for authentication and authorization for both on-premise and cloud-based solutions.
  • Reporting and Monitoring – Reporting provides a comprehensive overview and monitoring allows to route activity logs to preferred end points.


Azure Active Directory is an ever-expanding set of cloud service created by Microsoft that offers secure identity and access management solution. IT admins can use Azure AD to control access to apps and app resources. Azure AD provides you access to various resources like Microsoft Office 365, Azure portal, SaaS applications and in-house apps developed by your own organization. Azure AD ensures authentication using OAuth and SAML protocols. Improve the sign-in experience in your enterprise by enabling single sign-on (SSO) across applications. Azure AD enhances the security of SSO by coupling with conditional access that provides security capabilities like cloud-scale identity protection, risk in access control, multi-factor authentication, and conditional access policies.

Integrating Hexnode with Azure Active Directory offers you the privilege to sync users and devices in an organization thereby, allowing the user to enroll with their Azure AD credentials. Hexnode provides various authentication methods like single sign-on (SSO), two-factor authentication and password policies on integration with Azure. Syncing the users and groups from the Azure AD domain to Hexnode makes it easy to manage and deploy policies to user groups and device groups. Hexnode also offers the liberty to store BitLocker recovery passwords and key packages to Azure AD for simplified recovery.
Set up Azure Active Directory to automatically add users to/delete users from Hexnode MDM

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