Managed Domains on macOS devices

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We’re excited to introduce a new policy tailored for macOS devices: the Managed Domains policy. This policy aims at amping up the security and privacy management for your devices. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

Unmarked Email Domains:

Admins can now specify the managed email domains. Any emails sent to domains not included in the policy will be marked within the Mail app, indicating that they are unmanaged.

Cross-Site Tracking Prevention Relaxed Domains:

Cross-site tracking, as the name suggests, refers to websites tracking the user’s activity on other websites using trackers like cookies, widgets etc. In Safari, users can prevent cross-site tracking by enabling the ‘Prevent cross-site tracking’ option. However, there may be instances where certain URLs need to be exempted from this prevention measure. With the Managed Domains policy, IT admins can specify up to 10 URLs to be exempted from cross-site tracking prevention.

We’re currently working on a few finishing touches on the feature. Stay tuned for updates in the Release Notes section!

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Chloe Edison
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