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Alma Evans

Jun 14, 2019

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Digital signages are used across various industries like Retail, Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, Travel & Tourism. In essence, they can be found everywhere where displaying specific information for the target audience is of vital importance. They can be used conveniently for displaying advertisements, the map of a museum or shopping mall, traveling information like interactive videos, etc.
Displays that are eye-catching and dynamic can easily grab people’s attraction and so digital signages can engage with the audience in a much more effective way than static, printed signs. In that way, it can help solidify your customer relationships and increase your company’s visibility.

Why businesses should go for digital signages?

Communication through digital signage is one of the most cutting-edge strategies for marketing in various sectors in our modern technology landscape. Digital signages had a significant impact on attention marketing. While earlier versions of digital signages were often written off as being too expensive, newer technologies have helped digital signages prove their worth in deeply engaging customers. The major driving factors contributing to the growth of the digital signage market include:

  • Affordability: Originally, the pricing model and the operational costs for digital signages were hard to bear for small and medium businesses, but as the industry evolved, innovations drove down the cost. As new management approaches took shape, and older technology components gave way to smarter technology, the huge upfront costs came down significantly.
  • Technological improvements: Digital signages offer businesses a more flexible tool to display custom content on video walls, menu boards, touch screens, and interactive kiosks. The hardware is less complex and the software easy to handle.
  • Pinpoint promotions: With digital signages, businesses have versatile options to make sure that the targeted customers are getting the right message from the right location and at the right time. The ability to change the display content dynamically helps in tailoring digital signage marketing to the audience’s tastes.
  • Improved customer experience: Anywhere and everywhere, digital signages are used to provide demonstrations, promotional videos, enabling online shopping and disseminating information to viewers. More importantly, customers have better access to information at the point of decision.
  • Influencing buying decision: Takes on an integrated seller-buyer communication strategy by displaying marketing messages persuading customers via discounts and offers.

Digital signages can deliver different forms of information:

  • Information for the public: Traffic information, directions, news and alerts which help the general public.
  • Information on products: User information for a particular product or service.
  • Branding: Tailored messages to raise brand awareness.
  • Internal information: Conveying corporate messages and news for employees, students, etc.
  • Advertising: Grab customer attraction to promote a product or service.
  • Navigation: Interactive roadmaps for dynamic wayfinding.
  • Digital menus: Digital menu boards at restaurants and retail stores.
  • Entertainment: Video walls or mini-games to garner the user’s attention.
  • Show local points of interest.

Applications are almost endless. So, it’s imperative to go for digital signages to market your products in a persuasive manner!

The era of Android digital signages!

Android digital signage
Setting up digital displays can be costly but not when you can make use of smart TVs, tablets or any other mobile devices and an efficient solution to set up cost-effective digital signages. Android digital signages are common in use today. Besides the advantage of being cost-efficient, they are easy to deploy, manage and require low maintenance. Another important aspect is its user-friendliness. In instances where interactive digital signages such as touch screens are used, they become even more user-friendly.

Interactive digital signage
Printed signs become almost useless once their content becomes irrelevant. With digital signs, all it takes is a change in the content and the display is again up-to-date. And you can change and update the content at no additional cost. With the aid of an efficient digital signage software, you can control your content from a central platform (as with a content management system) and update it with no more than a few clicks, no matter where your screens are located.

Hexnode into the scene…

Hexnode helps in enabling Android devices to play videos, images, and audios in loops. Before deployment, the devices are to be locked down to the kiosk mode and the Digital Signage Display option could be found under the Android Kiosk Lockdown section. You can configure the screens to continuously display the images/videos for informational or advertising purposes.
There is another option called Kiosk screensaver where you can choose to add essential app(s) to the kiosk mode and configure what is to be shown on the devices while the apps are not in use. The configured videos/images start playing after the designated period of inactivity. So, while in the kiosk mode your customers can use your business apps for any service and when the apps are not in use you can use these devices as digital signages to capture customer attention. Your time and cost being spent in a much more productive way!

How Hexnode simplifies the process?

Hexnode supports files of almost all formats; images of JPG and PNG format, MP4 and MKV videos, and MP3 and Ogg formats for audios. The main advantage of using Hexnode MDM for configuring digital signages is that you can distribute content to several devices and effortlessly replace outdated content right from the MDM console without even physically accessing those gadgets. You can manage multiple screens using a single digital signage solution with its robust management capabilities.
You can customize the displays and provide animation effects, custom background music, etc. Regarding videos, you can easily trim and edit them from your Hexnode MDM portal itself which will further reduce your effort and provide you time and cost advantages. You can set the display duration and provide background color for images. In short, it gives you a lot of flexibility to choose how your content is to be displayed to your target audience.

Forthcoming enhancements

The feature is only for Android devices as for now. Amazon Fire OS devices allow only images to be displayed on the screen. However, a lot more enhancements for the feature are in the pipeline. The feature will soon extend its support for other OS platforms too which will ultimately help you in reducing the budget constraints further.
With no cost of special IT capabilities, your organization can now tailor its own visual marketing strategies to maintain good customer relations and promote sales through the most effective and affordable method, the digital signage.
Just give Hexnode a try!
Know how to set up digital signages with Hexnode here: Set up digital signages with Hexnode MDM.


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