Top 10 Mac Management Solutions for your business

Ron Myers

Jan 21, 2022

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The demand for Macs in enterprises has steadily increased recently due to many reasons, including enhanced security, exceptional user experience, and lower long-term operations costs. While Mac devices are making inroads into a market dominated by Windows PCs, IT admins are finding it difficult to manage them due to the lack of experience on their part, and lack of comprehensive a Mac management solution from Apple. Needless to say, solutions that bridge the gap between existing and expected functionalities are in high demand. This is where the concept of Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) comes into play. UEMs simplify Mac management by allowing companies to secure their Mac devices in a business environment. 

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Which Mac management solution to use when there are so many to choose from?

With UEMs increasingly becoming the future of device management, selecting the best Mac management solution for your business can be complex and time-consuming due to the abundance of solutions in the market. Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list so that you don’t have to. Let’s take a closer look at the top 10 Mac management solutions to help you select the best UEM solution for your business.   

1. Hexnode UEM  

Now, we know how placing our product first can seem superficial at first, but we have our reasons for doing so. You’ll know why as you read on.

Here’s why Hexnode UEM is quickly becoming a crowd favorite in the field of device management- we put our users first. The product is structured in such a way that you get all that you need right away without having to seek for it which has led us to be recognized as a Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) tools twice in 2019 and featured in their Midmarket Context: Magic Quadrant for Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) in 2021!

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A complete guide to Mac device management

Dive into the depth of Mac device management and ensure that you are up-to-date on all things mac management in your organization.

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Hexnode assists enterprises in controlling the whole lifecycle of Mac devices by managing and monitoring them, starting from initial deployment to end-user participation. Hexnode’s unmatched customer support assists the user, every step of the way. With a portfolio of features like configuration management, identity management, app management, and advanced security settings, it’s safe to say that Hexnode is a Mac management solution you can put your money on without any worries.    


  • Hexnode is intended to make your life easier, which is why it includes a user interface that is suitable for beginners.  
  • With a mild learning curve and an extensive knowledge base that includes help docs and video tutorials, we ensure that you won’t run into any problems as you begin your device management journey.  
  • Hexnode is rightfully proud of its kiosk management features, which are quite advanced.  
  • Another notable feature is the location tracking and geofencing settings which easily outsmarts any other solution. 
  • With features like mandatory apps policy, app catalog, and enterprise app distribution, Hexnode brings to you, app management at its best. 


  • Native language translation is not available yet  
  • Hexnode entirely stopped supporting on-premise device management. It’s worth mentioning that cloud offers a more flexible management facilities but not having on-premise device management can be a drawback when others can offer it.  

Pricing: Starts at $1.08 per device per month. 

Trial details: Hexnode offers a 14 day free trial for its customers without requiring their credit card information. The availability of plans such as Express, Pro, Enterprise, Ultimate, and Ultra allows the users to choose a plan that meets their needs. In addition to the current plans, users can request for a demo or a customized quote for their companies. 


2. Jamf Pro  

Jamf Pro is an all-in-one enterprise management solution for the Apple platform. Since they’re focused only on one specific platform, they are excellent in what they’re doing.        

Jamf Pro provides a multitude of features for Mac management. With 24×7 live phone support and training videos, Jamf Pro proves why they’ve been a leader in device management for so long. It comes with features like zero-touch deployment, app management, audit management, IT inventory management, automatic patch deployment, and automatic scans.    

Because of their extensive market presence, Jamf had an advantage over other Apple-specific providers. The arrival of other competitors with greater flexibility has affected their demand. Nonetheless, Jamf still stands strong with a remarkable market presence and customer satisfaction. 


  • Jamf Pro is easy to deploy and use.  
  • Provides an all-inclusive user help knowledge base for Apple 
  • Continues to provide mac imaging functionalities 
  • Offers detailed reports and user group management 


  • Initial set-up is cumbersome 
  • The interface is not so user-friendly which contributes to the steeper learning curve.  
  • Does not provide location tracking features.  
  • Remote support features are not up to the mark.  

Pricing: Starts at $3.33 per device per month  

Trial details: Jamf Pro provides a 14-day free trial without requiring credit card details. It is said that the trial request process is not as smooth as their competitors which is a bummer.   

3. Fleetsmith 

The Apple-only management solution focuses on device management automation. The main point to be noted about Fleetsmith is its ease of use. Fleetsmith is one of the easiest Mac management solution in the market. This cloud management solution for Apple devices can manage an entire fleet of devices in minutes. It works best for companies with a smaller footprint which requires less management.

Fleetsmith claims to put your devices on “auto-pilot” owing to its automation capabilities which is one of the best in the device management market. They provide a multitude of features like Kernel extension whitelisting, fully automated patch management, and custom script deployment. They follow a “set-and-forget” approach for their app management which is quite impressive. The fact that Apple Inc acquired Fleetsmith gives them an upper hand over others. What else is needed to show Fleetsmith is one among the best when Apple acquires it?  


  • Easy to install, thanks to their user-friendly interface  
  • Easy to set up profiles  
  • Integration with G Suite makes things a lot easier for their users  
  • The support team is quick on their feet to provide the required assistance when needed.  


  • Pricey for large number of devices when compared to other MDM solutions  
  • The absence of remote wipe feature is indeed a shortcoming. 
  • Fails to provide location tracking settings  
  • The inability to assign multiple profiles affects the quality of device management. 
  • Does not have an integration with volume app purchasing 

Pricing: Fleetsmith has two plans- Fleetsmith Intelligence which is free and Fleetsmith Managed which is priced at $8.25 per device per month beyond the first 10 devices.   

Trial details: Fleetsmith offers a free trial version.   

Download the platform guide to macOS device management

4. Kandji   

Kandji provides mobile device management for businesses that use Apple devices. This cloud-based platform enables organizations to manage and secure their devices centrally. It’s a lifesaver for IT admins as it takes away some rot work. They take a different approach to standard device management by focusing on automating the process and thereby making it smart. 

Kandji comes with a portfolio of features like one-click compliance templates and over 150 pre-built automation, apps, and workflows, making device management seem like a breeze. It also makes zero-touch device management a reality, which is essential in the current environment as most organizations have migrated to remote work and intend to continue doing so. They are the ones behind the industry’s first macOS agent that auto-remediates, even when the devices are offline.  


  • Beginner friendly with an intuitive UI design  
  • Easy to set up  
  • Simple to use  
  • Provides integration with GSuite  


  • Not affordable for small enterprises  
  • Plans are billed annually which is something the users are not excited about 
  • The configuration of blueprints can be confusing at times  
  • The blueprints cannot inherit from one another at the moment. Enabling this would make it even more intuitive rather than the current option of copying it. 
  • Assigning policies to a single device doesn’t work as smoothly as expected 

Pricing: Starts at $399 per month   

Trial details: Kandji offers a 14-day free trial.  

5. Citrix Endpoint Management  

Citrix Endpoint Management provides endpoint management for devices by mainly using MDM and MAM capabilities. Using XenMobile as its foundation, Citrix Endpoint Management allows users to monitor and control endpoints effectively. They also provide SSO support along with features like endpoint management configurations, Cloud Connector software configuration, and Citrix Gateway (on-premises) management and updates. 

If you already have a Citrix-based environment in your company, then Citrix UEM will work like a charm for you. However, if you intend to migrate from your current UEM/MDM provider without using products like Citrix virtualization technology, then Citrix UEM may not be the ideal choice for you.  


  • Easy to install  
  • Citrix Endpoint Management comes with advanced security features  
  • Availability of SecureWeb Xenmobile for secure access to websites  
  • The secure email container is a godsend for IT professionals 
  • Supports Office365 integration  


  • The interface is hardly what one would call user-friendly 
  • Inefficient troubleshooting logs make it harder for users to swiftly fix their problems. 
  • The help documentation provided is far from helpful. This is indeed an issue that must be addressed as early as possible.  
  • It can serve as a standalone MDM but its capabilities are limited.   

Pricing: Starts at $2.25 per month   

Trial details:  Citrix UEM offers a free trial version to its customers.   


6. Miradore MDM  

If you’re looking for a comprehensive MDM solution with a simple interface at a price lower than its competitors, chances are you’ve already come across Miradore MDM. Their most significant feature is application management, which allows you to install and configure apps on macOS devices. This assures the security of devices and data for small and medium-sized enterprises.   

Miradore MDM offers mobile device management with the flexibility to easily upgrade and add features, despite not being on pace with other MDM solutions in terms of features and functionality. Regardless, the solution, which is still in its early stages, is progressively gaining traction and adding a trustworthy feature set to it.   


  • Easy to enroll devices  
  • Provides effective location tracking  
  • Miradore MDM features enhanced blacklisting functionalities 
  • Policy deployment is as smooth as butter  
  • The customer support team is exactly how you’d want them to be- easy to reach and quick to help.  


  • The functionalities are rather basic, despite how simple it is.  
  • Absence of AD asset binding does stand out in the list of negatives.  
  • Wipe feature is inefficient 
  • Does not provide macOS scripting  
  • The option to track recent activity is not made available  

Pricing: Miradore offers two plans- a free version and a premium version. The premium version is priced at $2 per device per month.   

Trial details: Miradore offers a 14- day free trial of its premium plan for users to test their features out.   

Mac management solutions to help enterprises manage their Macs
Mac management solution simplifies IT tasks

  7. IBM MaaS360 with Watson  

IBM’s MaaS360 with Watson is a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution that is transforming how companies handle users, apps, content, and data across all devices. It integrates IBM’s open, cloud-based platform with preferred security and productivity tools and also collaborates with Client Management Tools (CMT) to consolidate tools and offer a smooth UEM experience.   

Watson AI integration provides artificial intelligence-based security features and reports, thereby simplifying, enhancing and supporting diverse and complex endpoint and mobile environments. For large companies seeking a cloud-based UEM solution, IBM ‘s UEM service is ideal. 


  • Their on-boarding program is amazing and helps you get up to speed on the use of the software. 
  • The admin interface is clean and runs very smoothly.  
  • Threat management options and AI based reports are futuristic. 


  • The portal has so many options that it can be overwhelming when it comes to finding the required policy. 
  • It does not allow app-based monitoring like monitoring data usage based on apps. 
  • Dynamic device grouping is not enabled.  

Pricing: IBM MaaS360 offers 4 plans- Essentials, Deluxe, Premier and Enterprise with their prices starting from $4, $5, $6.25 and $9 per device per month respectively.   

Trial details: They offer a 30-day free trial.   

 8. Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager

Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager implements several features in its Endpoint Manager such as OS deployment, automatic alerts for agents and agentless device support. It also contains a few management and support features to enable users to control and manage their data remotely. It combines IT security operations to manage a secure digital workplace.  

They’ve demonstrated a sustained commitment to macOS support by devoting time and resources to a device that is becoming increasingly common in the enterprise setting. It appears to be a promising Mac management solution, albeit there is still room for improvement. 


  • Patch management is skilfully done. Users can deploy projects or built-in automation as well as employ groups and scopes for various use cases.  
  • OS provisioning is rather simple  
  • Software distribution works well and has a lot of flexibility built in.  
  • Detection of rogue nodes via scans is one of the many strengths of the advanced security features.  
  • The device inventory is quite good which enhances reporting capabilities in turn providing useful data to the users.  


  • Remote assistance for macOS is still primitive  
  • Data analytics is almost incomprehensible to the users which is a waste considering the tool is quite advanced.  
  • Limited functionalities for API  
  • Help documentation does not provide the necessary assistance which is undesirable.  

Pricing: Offers custom pricing.

Trial details: Ivanti offers a trial version of its software  

9. Addigy

The ability to manage Mac devices is one of the areas of differentiation if one looks at the majority of UEM solutions. Now consider where Addigy, a device management solution that focuses solely on Apple management stands. That’s right. Addigy is one of the best Mac management solution available in the market right now. They offer services only for a single platform and are determined to get things right.   

Addigy benefits from its expertise in cloud-based remote management on Macs and other Apple devices as more people work from home, indicating Apple’s increased focus on Mac growth. Another feature that makes Addigy stand out from the rest of the Mac management solutions is its emphasis on scripting and comes with an in-built script library.  


  • Constantly evolving features while focused on ease of use.  
  • Addigy offers a good feature set that includes remote control functionalities 
  • Enhanced app and system management settings  
  • Addigy provides reliable support at all times. 


  • UI could use improvement  
  • App deployment is not as smooth as it should be 
  • Users face difficulty with the system update scheduler as it lacks details 
  • There’s no way to know when the features are being implemented Pricing: Not available. Users will have to contact Addigy directly for a quote. 

Trial details: Not available 

10. VMware Workspace ONE UEM

VMware Workspace ONE, formerly known as Airwatch, is a well-known name among IT admins due to the company’s nearly 18-year presence in the mobile device management (MDM) market. It is a management platform that allows IT admins to handle mobile devices in the cloud as well as host virtual desktop applications in both cloud and on-premise deployments.  

It is an enterprise mobility platform that streamlines access to enterprise apps, secures enterprise data, and boosts mobile productivity. It’s a straightforward and secure enterprise platform for installing and managing apps and devices, as well as combining identity, applications, and enterprise mobility management. 


  • The automated process of app management streamlines app deployment and management while reducing human errors. 
  • Workspace ONE’s one-touch, single sign-on (SSO) feature allows users to securely access any type of applications without IT intervention. 
  • It provides enterprise-secure content management tools while safeguarding customer data. 
  • App deployment is easy. 


  • Workspace ONE might not be suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises due to its pricing.  
  • The inbox application is buggy and creates issues within the organization.  
  • Admin console is cumbersome and the features are disorganized.  
  • Integration with Active Directory is a stumbling block.  

Pricing: Workspace ONE offers three plans- standard, advanced and enterprise which are priced per device and per user at $3.78, $6 and $10 and $6.52, $10.90 and $15, respectively. 

Trial details: Workspace ONE provides a 30-day free trial.

The bottom line 

There’s no doubt about the fact that Macs are here to stay in the enterprise set up. With a plethora of management solutions to choose from, picking the option that fits your needs gets more confusing than ever. Using a Unified Endpoint Management solution like Hexnode to manage your Mac devices allows IT admins to keep the devices secure at all times by applying necessary restrictions and ensuring compliance.  


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