iPad digital signages: All you need to know

Heather Gray

Apr 7, 2020

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iPads with their sleek design and string of attractive features are great to use as digital signages in businesses. Just like any other display devices, iPads can take care of your advertising needs by showcasing high-quality content that will hook your customers in right away.

Using the iPad screens as such in close quarters with customers will work, however mirroring the iPad screens via Airplay onto a larger display will help you grab the attention of your customers even more, especially in crowded places.

In terms of the content or media you want to display, all you have to do is to lock the device on to your website or a dedicated signage application

There are several benefits in using iPad digital signages – you can display your products and services in a more visually engaging way, capture the attention of your audience through immersive ads, or boost your online marketing efforts by enticing viewers to follow you social media.  

With Hexnode MDM, you can transform your business iPads into single-purpose digital signages–no need to get expensive kiosk hardware and dedicated software. Here’s how you can get started. 

Turn Your iPad Devices into Digital Signages

You can easily turn your iPad devices into attractive digital signage displays by securely locking it down in a purpose-driven mode. Hexnode MDM simplifies the process of turning your devices into kiosks.  

The iPad can be locked down to a single app mode allowing the signage application to run in the foreground. Thus, turning your devices into digital screens. You can even display your website and create an immersive display by locking it down to featured website

There are options to customize the browsing experience specific to your business needs. You can schedule page refresh and disable navigation as per the use case.  

Hexnode takes full control over the managed device so any configurations can be changed remotely when needed. The smooth integration of Hexnode MDM with Apple Business Manager (ABM) makes the provisioning of Apple devices a bliss

Use of iPad Digital Signage Across Various Industries:

iPad digital signage can change the way businesses interact with their customers. As iPads are a household name, these devices can offer your customers the convenience to gather information on their own without relying on the assistance of retail workers and receptionists.This helps many stores save time and give their shoppers the freedom to digitally explore every corner of the store without moving an inch.

Though iPad digital signages are mostly used in hospitality and retail industries, they are now being widely spread across many offices and healthcare industries.Enterprises that use iPads as digital signs in their workplace find it easier to schedule meetings and deliver important announcements to multiple locations.

iPads can also greatly reduce the burden on hospital receptionists by allowing patients to do a self pre check-up to notify the doctors of their arrival.

Here are some of the ways in which iPad digital signages are used in multiple industries.


Due to its flexibility and ease of use, more offices now prefer deploying their contents onto wall mounted iPads. These iPad digital signages not just provides a bright and colorful display but it also comes with cheaper hardware costs.

“use of ipad digital signage in enterprises


  • Placing iPad digital signs around the office can help employees stay updated on any event happening within the workplace. With a robust content distribution system, the company feeds can be easily shared with workers from multiple locations.
  • Managers can keep track of the work progress of their employees by taking a quick glance through the appreciative social media feeds they get from their team members for finishing the tasks on time.
  • The screens can be used to post updates for upcoming meetings and trainings
  • Many iPad digital signage solutions support third party integrations with applications that simplify the process of booking conference rooms. These digital signages can act as an information board where details such as the room availability and schedules for upcoming meetings can be displayed.
  • Exhibiting the performance metrics of your company on the iPad devices can motivate employees to work better

Food Industry

Getting your menu displayed on iPads is a much better alternative than traditional paper menus. With every restaurant in town harboring some sort of digital sign many people expect their food to be delivered in a fun and interactive way. The more engaged your customers are, the happier they will be.

They are more likely to go back to the same restaurant if they feel a personal connection with the place. An interactive iPad digital signage can easily pave the way for many restaurants to build happier customers.

“use of ipad digital signage in food industry


  • No matter how well written a menu is, hungry customers will only pass a cursory glance at it to pick out what they want. Pictures of mouthwatering dishes on the other hand will get them more excited and improve their dining experience.
  • Digital menus are highly convenient as waiters can highlight the specials without having to go through the trouble of printing out a new menu every time it gets updated.
  • Digital signs provide entertainment for customers. Social media offers them a wonderful platform to interact with the brand, post their feedbacks and see it appear on the screens. These interactive displays can help bored customers pass their time quickly. This would be a good opportunity for restaurants to increase their brand awareness and boost sales.
  • It even provides customers with digital self-service options. This can cut down long queues to a great extent and give them the satisfaction to personally interact with the different services of the restaurant.
  • It is the perfect way to go green as you can cut down on trash by reducing unwanted paper wastes such as receipts and printed menus.

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is perhaps the one industry where digital signs can be of immense help. Hospitals and clinics have always been places of anxiety where countless people come in every day to check the state of their health. Thus, the whole ordeal of waiting for their turn can be incredibly stressful.

Placing interactive iPad signages in hospitals and other healthcare clinics can help distract anxious patients by keeping them entertained. This would give them ample time to destress before meeting their respective doctors.

“use of ipad digital signage in healthcare


  • Deploying digital screens in hospitals and clinics can lead to less paperwork and improved communication between the patients and their caregivers. Well placed iPad digital signs in waiting rooms can help reduce anxiety and make the waiting process in the lobby much easier.
  • With interactive iPad kiosks, patients can do a pre check in by themselves and notify the staff of their arrival.
  • iPad digital signs can be used to register patients and manage their waiting lists. These signs can act as message boards to give patients updates on their waiting list position.
  • Placing wall mounted iPad displays outside of the patient’s room can give visitors and caregivers complete information on the patient’s condition. In situations where the patient is absent from the room, visitors can use the signs to check where the patient is currently located.
  • In pediatric hospitals, toys are being replaced by rugged kid friendly iPads. Parents won’t have to worry about their kids getting bored anymore as the iPads come with a number of entertaining games and learning apps. An interactive iPad digital sign can help anxious patients from feeling restless.

Hospitality Industry

Digital signages have helped bring in a boom to the hospitality industry. The interactive signs were readily accepted by hotels and resorts worldwide as it brought in new levels of comforts for their guests. They reduced long queues and improved the general experience of customers by providing them with several automated services.

“use of ipad digital signage in hospitality


  • Placing iPad digital signages in receptions can offer your guests easy self-check in and check out options.
  • An interactive digital signage app will automatically grab the attention of your visitors. They can help speed up the reservation process and provide your hotel with the perfect opportunity to promote events and display announcements.
  • With the internet readily available on all devices, people now prefer to seek information on their own. Digital displays can provide them with plenty of information regarding the area the hotel is situated on, its nearby attractions, local events, and weather reports.
  • The iPad digital signages can even help spice up your hotel’s image by giving it a more sophisticated and modern look. These signs can boost the dining experience of your customers by displaying the most popular cuisines and specialty dishes.
  • iPad digital signs can also be used as wayfinders. This would come in handy in events taking place in a large area. The signs can even act as a guide where visitors can have access to all the necessary information such as the general overview of the event and details about the speaker(s).
  • You can ease the waiting time of your guests by creating great visually entertaining contents and deploying it onto the screens of the iPad devices.

Retail Industry

Retail stores are constantly looking for new ways to improve the shopping experience of their customers. Digital signages are great advertising tools to showcase your store’s latest merchandises and to boost up the online presence of your business. They also serve the purpose of keeping impatient customers engaged while waiting in lines at the checkout counter.

“use of ipad digital signage in retail


  • Many electronic stores are now replacing old static card displays with iPad digital signs. These signs when placed beside the products not only makes it look more visually appealing but it also provides future buyers with relevant information about the products.
  • Stores that receive new products every week often spend a lot of money in printing out promotional ads. By using a reliable iPad digital signage solution, store owners can update on the go and routinely customize the product displays to see what works best for their customers.
  • Some high-end retailers use these signs to display their product demos, thus enticing future buyers to visit their stores.
  • The screens can be used to increase customer interactions by letting them leave feedbacks on your social media platforms. These feedbacks can then be displayed on the iPad screens throughout the store.
  • Displaying live feedbacks not only helps in building a strong social community but it also plays an important role in expanding your online presence to more people.
  • With technology getting better, iPad digital signages can revolutionize the shopping experience of your customers in the future by allowing them to customize the products they wish to buy in any way they like. As soon as the customized product is ready, they can pay for it and have it delivered within a few days.

iPad Digital Signage – The Pros and Cons



  • You can update the contents and deploy them to your iPad devices anytime you want from any location.
  • Have a more attractive display for your products and services by showcasing them on crystal clear retina screens.
  • Get closer with your customers by encouraging them to visit your website and follow you on social media.
  • iPads are cheaper than commercial grade screens.
  • They come in a wide range of beautiful colors, sizes, and capacities.
  • Having an iPad digital sign placed next to your product will easily attract the attention of your customers and give them all the information they’ll need.
  • Interactive iPads can cut down long queues in hotel receptions by providing customers with self-check in and check out options.
  • Users can have easy access to multiple apps. The app store houses hundreds of apps that are specially designed for iPads.
  • By using an iPad, you can be sure that you are using a device which offers a cutting-edge technology. The iPad was the very first tablet to have an HD display and a 64-bit processor. Each new version of the iPad makes it faster and more versatile.
  • iPads already have a brand image that is hard to surpass by other devices. Using them as digital signs in your store will give your business credibility.
  • iPad digital signs are easy to handle and can be comfortably used by your customers.

  • The battery life of an iPad device is limited. You would have to wire them to keep it running the whole day.
  • Being non-commercial grade, an iPad digital signage will lack the features commercial grade screens have.

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

Setting up iPad digital signs in your premises not only provides a smoother shopping experience for your customers but it also helps to boost the brand name of your business as iPad devices have a superb brand value of its own that other devices find hard to match up to.

Advertising is all about making a personal connection with your customers, and the best way to do that is to set up digital screens with devices they are most comfortable with.

With the help of an efficient iPad digital signage solution, the iPad devices you use will easily help your business to stay on top. Any store that uses iPads as digital screens will be instantly seen as trustworthy and classy, thus giving your customers the assurance that they have come to the right place.


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