[Infographic] OEMConfig process simplified

Jayden Traoré

Jan 11, 2021

1 min read

OEMConfig has revolutionized the past year for Android device management. Rugged devices are the main beneficiaries of this feature. The utilization of managed app configurations to manage devices might still be puzzling for some, here is a breakdown of what happens and how you can set up OEMConfig for your enterprise.




Honeywell Seuic
Samsung LG
Zebra Point Mobile
Lenovo Social Mobile
Nokia Bluebird
Kyocera Archos
Ascom CipherLab
Datalogic Spectralink

The main benefits of OEMConfig are:

  • No more waiting around for MDMs to support new features from OEMs with Zero-day support for new features
  • Unlock management for vendor-specific features and features that aren’t available on MDMs
  • No extra charges for unlocking OEMConfig features (Vendors like Knox are exceptions)
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