Hexnode Certification program; Attend HexCon20 and get certified in two days

Elizabeth Hale

Sep 3, 2020

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HexCon20 is just 3 months away and we are gearing up to make it big. One of the main events of HexCon20 is the Hexnode Academy a knowledge hub and certification program for UEM professionals. This certification program is designed to finish in two days. The first level of certification will take place on the first day and the second level certification will take place on the second day of the conference. Users can choose the level they want to get certified on. If you still haven’t registered yet, here is the link.

Here is why you should attend the Hexnode certification workshop

  • Become a Hexnode expert
  • Provide support to end-users with technical expertise
  • Reduce Hexnode support tickets
  • Learn all the best practices to manage Hexnode
  • Announce you are an expert of a world-class UEM solution
  • Showcase your expertise as a UEM expert in your resume
  • Levels of certification

    There are two levels of certification. The Professional level and Expert level.

    First level – Hexnode certified Professional

    The Hexnode certified Admin workshop is a course intended for beginner level certification. The course covers all the basic aspects of Hexnode and basic platform management. Also, the course includes basic application management and kiosk management lessons. A Hexnode certified Professional will have the core knowledge of Hexnode and its basic concepts and workings.

    Curriculum plan

  • Introduction
  • Hexnode MDM setup and infrastructure
  • Application and kiosk management
  • Remote device management
  • iOS device management
  • Android device management
  • Windows device management
  • Mac device management
  • Apple TV device management
  • Fire OS device management
  • The first level certification runs throughout the first day of HexCon20. The exam for this certification will be held on the second day. The attendees will become Hexnode Certified Professional after clearing the exam for this session. After finishing this workshop, attendees can join the level 2 workshop the next day.

    Second level – Hexnode certified Expert

    The Hexnode certified Expert workshop covers the detailed working of Hexnode MDM. The lessons weave through all the intricate details and tips and tricks for the user to follow while managing Hexnode MDM. A Hexnode certified Expert will have hands-on experience on all the advanced aspects of all the device platforms and its management. The Hexnode certified Expert will be single-handedly equipped enough to handle the device management requirement of a large enterprise.

    Curriculum plan

  • Overview
  • Administrative and operational tasks
  • Security & Configurations
  • Advanced Remote Device Management
  • Advanced App Management
  • Advanced Kiosk Management
  • Content Management
  • Containerization
  • iOS Device Management
  • Android Device Management
  • Windows Device Management
  • Mac Device Management
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Threat Management
  • Telecom & Expense Management
  • Integrations
  • After finishing the second level workshop, the attendees will have to attend the qualifying certification exam that will cover both the first and second level curriculum. A minimum of 75% is required to obtain the certification. When cleared, the user will be awarded the Hexnode certified Expert badge. If not cleared, no certifications will be provided.

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