There and back again: A fitting conclusion to HexCon22

Andrei Geralt

Sep 28, 2022

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You know what they say, ‘All good things must come to an end’. HexCon however, has only taken a pause..waitingpatiently to return next year as HexCon23 (surprise!). Before we close the curtains and focus on the future, let’s take a short look at the past 3 eventful days. Days which wouldn’t have been the same without our speakers, customers, partners and attendees. We couldn’t have made it without you folks! Let’s get right to it then. Previously on HexCon22… 

Total Recall 

HexCon22 is the third of its kind. Which means, we had two previous editions to use as reference. So, we certainly had an idea (and confidence) on how to pull off another HexCon. But this time, we wanted the crowd to go ‘Bravo! Encore!’ and lo and behold, that is exactly what we got. Fast-forwarding to last week, HexCon22 started with a bang. From the opening keynote to our AR filter – Back to the future, saw a lot of participation Things were going pretty smooth, so our team took it easy from there. 

The event kicked off with the opening keynote ft. The Hexnode founders, focused on our vision and the future of endpoint management. Day 1 marked the start of a flurry of sessions. We owe it to the speakers, who catered very relevant and interesting content to our audience. Nevertheless, a shout out to all of you, who made sure HexCon22 stayed active and vibrant.

Fantastic speakers and where to find them 

HexCon22 focuses on (yes, the future but also on) providing our attendees an informative experience. At the end of our three daylong event, we want our audience to go ‘HexCon certainly left me satisfied and smiling!’.


Again, this would never have been possible, if not for our very enthusiastic speakers. Each session was unique in terms of topic and tone, reflected by the personality of the speakers. We are super grateful to our speakers and hope to see you guys again for HexCon23!

How did we manage to find these amazing speakers? Pretty easy, we just used a Cerebro. Except, our cerebro was our speaker outreach team. They spent months assembling the ultimate speaker portfolio. And voila! That’s what we got! 95 awesome speakers. Now you know what you need to find speakers for your event. No, no, not our outreach team, maybe you should make your own team? 🙂

The HexCon Games

We did have a leader board in place and had gamification similar to the one we had for HexCon21. Last year had a nail-biting finish, but this time Galang N. Mahardika from EY, built a huge lead and the others just couldn’t catch up to him. Still, we had a lot of participation and the leader board was ever dynamic…at least below the #1 spot.  

The selfie contest, on the other hand, was a tough decision. We had a lot of good clicks this year making it hard to decide ‘who be the Jabra winner?’. After much discussion, Dave Walsh was declared the winner. Armed with a wide smile, Dave had that extra edge. 

It was a pleasure to meet you all!

Congratulations to all the winners! Our team certainly enjoyed bet- I mean guessing who’d all win this time. A round of applause to all the participants! Don’t give up hope, there is always another HexCon with even more exciting prizes.

The Akatsuki

An event is where a lot of people join hands, sing songs an- ahem I think I went off-track a bit, but you get the message, right? A team dedicated to a noble cause, who will not rest till the dawn of the event. A bit dramatic, but it’s kind of what our team is. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is super excited during HexCon but tired after some weeks of running around.

As HexCon22 concluded you could see eyes welling up all around. Were they tears of happiness? Gratitude? Relief? Sleepiness? We will never know. Nevertheless, cheers to all the people who worked hard to make HexCon22 a great success! Special mention to our sponsors Keeper, Cat® phones Bullitt and VAD Technologies, as well as our partners without whom this event would never have unfolded. 

Save your tears for another day

It is a sad moment…nostalgic, even. HexCon22 has concluded, but HexCon will live on. Let me check if I’ve thanked everyone. *Checks notepad* 

Ah. There is one more person who needs some spotlight. That person who ensured all teams got the praise for their efforts. The person who thanked everyone for their role in HexCon22. Thank you, He who shall not be named. *wink wink* 

Well, that’s about it, guys. Cheers, and see you next year! 

Andrei Geralt

Frolicking on the keys while appreciating the serenity behind the screen.

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