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What is an MDM software?

Mobile device management (MDM) software helps IT admins to govern, protect, and enforce rules on enterprise endpoints. As the usage of mobile devices has expanded and become more complicated, so has the focus on mobile device management. MDM software promotes:

  • Enterprise productivity
  • Endpoint Security
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • Flexibility of management
  • Simplified deployment of devices.

MDM helps to secure a business network while allowing users to utilize their own devices and operate more effectively. The most significant advantage is the ability to save time by automating repetitive processes. For example, manually configuring Wi-Fi settings on several devices and requiring staff to install the required software are both time-consuming procedures. MDM software can entirely automate these operations.

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They safeguard the device’s apps, data, and content in addition to managing device inventory and provisioning. MDM software can also monitor the actions and business-critical data on registered devices.

Using MDM software, the enterprise can:

  • Manage data, devices and everything in between
  • Easily group the devices and apply conditional policy mapping
  • Locate and manage device using Geofencing and location tracking feature
  • Enforce complete management over every aspect of the registered device
  • Manage apps, that includes blacklisting and whitelisting required apps and providing employees with an enterprise app catalogue
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and even erase device data in the case of theft, loss, or a suspected breach and so on.