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How UEM helps in device password management?

*Error*…… your password is too short.

*Error*……. your password does not contain symbols.

Well, you must have seen these prompts come up when you tried using your name as your password, we have all been there. Today, having a strong password is as important as having a secure bank pin. When you have a weak password, you are more susceptible to being hacked. As a user, you will be losing your personal information, but for a corporate, one bad apple can compromise the whole network. So, it is important to impose rules on safe password keeping.

Ensure endpoint security with Hexnode
UEM like Hexnode can help you exactly in this. Through Hexnode’s password policy an IT admin can place various complex restrictions like minimum passcode length, password age before it expires, password history, and a lot more.

This greatly helps in making a unified set of rules to maintain password hygiene and secure the whole ecosystem.