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What is remote work security?

Data is power. On that note, corporate organizations often tend to be very fussy about protecting their data against leakage, theft, and other exploits. It’s no news that any place you work from, the primary concern for any organization would be to safeguard their data and other assets.

Remote work security

To answer the original question, remote work security is a section of cybersecurity. It is concerned with protecting company data and other assets when people work remotely. In the last 12 years the number of people working remotely has increased by 159%. People working from remote locations are no exception to the measures taken to secure corporate data. In fact, remote work warrants more strict policies and strategies to protect data.

Common security risks associated with remote work include:

  • Use of unsecured public or residential Wi-Fi networks to access company data and services
  • Use of personal devices for work makes it difficult to manage the devices
  • Ignorance and vulnerability to online threats like phishing schemes
  • Lack of visibility into the user’s work devices

So, what can be done?

  • Employ antivirus and internet security software
  • Use VPN
  • Employ a centralized storage facility – files won’t be stored locally and will be safe due to the firewall attached to the facility
  • Secure Wi-fi at home

Most businesses cannot completely erase risks associated with remote work. Instead, they manage and reduce risks by being proactive. UEM solutions like Hexnode come in handy in these situations.

Ensure remote work security with Hexnode
Hexnode helps IT admins have eyes on the devices even when the employees are miles away. Organizations can enforce strong security protocols like VPN, remote monitoring and control, and encryptions.  IT admins can formulate a comprehensive remote working security policy using Hexnode.

Rest easy and work away on your devices. Let capable UEM solutions like Hexnode take care of remote work security risks!!