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What is an RMM software?

RMM or Remote Monitoring and Management software are now a must-have for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether it is a small company with a few hundred devices being used or a multi-national company with many devices, managing all these devices is absolutely necessary. This is where RMM software can make the lives of IT people easier. How you may ask. Well, I have the perfect answer for you.

Explore Hexnode’s RMM capabilities
RMM software gives IT teams complete control over the enterprise devices used in the company (P.S. The control is completely remote, meaning IT guys won’t have to manually handle the device.). This means that you can change settings on the device, install and uninstall apps on the device, monitor the device and so much more.

An RMM software consists mainly of 2 parts: management and monitoring. IT teams can provision, deploy, and configure devices remotely thanks to the management capabilities of the software. Whereas the monitoring part lets IT teams check if the applied management settings are applied properly and if the device is functioning as it should.

RMM software does more than just make the IT teams’ jobs easier. RMM software has many other advantages like tightening security by staying on top of everything that happens in the device, improving productivity and reducing downtime and maintenance expenses by regularly monitoring device health.

It would be unfortunate if you missed the chance to learn about Hexnode’s RMM capabilities. There are slight differences between a UEM or an MDM and an RMM tool. But a powerful UEM like Hexnode can cover for an RMM software.

Hexnode can help IT teams across the world do everything with endpoint management and monitoring remotely. Hexnode’s features enable remote device enrollment, provisioning, management, configuration, and monitoring, all from a single platform.

Hexnode supports devices running different operating systems like tvOS, iOS, macOS, Windows, Android and Fire OS. For almost all of these operating systems, Hexnode provides zero-touch capabilities. And also, other basic RMM capabilities like app management, setting configurations, security configurations and OS update management. Hexnode also has extensive monitoring options with features like remote control and view, report creation and device summary page.

So, all in all, whether it is to increase security or to have an all-around vision over your enterprise device, Hexnode can be the perfect solution for all your RMM requirements.