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What is managed app configuration?

Setting up apps manually is frustrating, especially if you are an enterprise and you need to deploy multiple apps and configurations on multiple devices in your company. Those unending user agreements and the infinite credentials the user has to type in before setting up the required apps is a pain worth looking into. 

Managed app configuration is a feature that helps IT admins to remotely configure settings on work apps. Managed app configuration is best when used along with a UEM like Hexnode. 

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Built-in support for managed app configuration must be provided during app development. App developers specify, what all options can be configured by an admin. With the help of UEMs, custom configurations can be set and remotely applied to apps for different users, devices or groups.
Features such as the passing of data and credentials to particular apps, setting up of application permissions, tunneling of apps using an organizational firewall and so much more is possible with Managed app configurations. 

OEMConfig is a relatively new but powerful feature that makes use of Managed app configurations. OEMConfig is an app that allows admins to manage device functionalities using Managed app configuration. With the introduction of the app feedback channel, it is now possible for IT admins to check the status of deployed configurations by requesting feedback.