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What is Android OEMConfig?

Android OEMconfig is a custom application developed by OEMs or Original Equipment Manufacturers and these apps can be used to manage device functionalities using the Android Enterprise Managed app configurations. Different OEMs have different OEMconfig apps and can only be used on their own device.

OEMconfig applications are developed by the OEMs specific for their devices and hosted on the Managed Google Play. OEMconfig apps can be pushed to devices with the help of UEMs like Hexnode.

After the OEMconfig app is pushed onto devices UEM can be used to change the app configurations. Each app configuration in OEMconfig apps might correspond to a device attribute and any change in the configuration will change the corresponding device attribute.

A common doubt that might come up is that why is OEMconfig a necessity when device management can be done with Android Enterprise, and the answer to that is Android enterprise enables the management of a base set of functionalities whereas with the help of Android OEMconfig each and every aspect about a device can be managed using a device management solution.

The major advantage of using OEMconfig is that, it has a zero-day support feature, which means that there is no need for UEMs to create and integrate new features. This is possible because with OEMconfig app updates, new device attributes are made manageable and can be easily managed by changing the app configurations using a UEM. Thus, OEMconfig simplifies advanced device management using UEMs.