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How to block websites on Android?

Sipping up on that coffee and slacking off while you watch season 3 of your favorite show, that’s a perfect day, isn’t it?  

Well not so much if you have work piling up and definitely not if you are the company that pays the employee. Imagine a case where an employee using their work device ends up on a malicious website, this can lead to important corporate data being stolen. It has become increasingly important for corporates to have firm control over what an employee does during his/her work hours on their work devices. This can be due to both privacy and productivity concerns. Blacklisting and whitelisting websites is a good place to start. 

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Blacklisting a website translates to blocking a user from accessing a particular website. Hexnode MDM helps in blacklisting unproductive, harmful websites that are not intended for work. 

Whitelisting is the exact opposite of blacklisting where the admin gives the user access to a particular set of websites and everything outside of these websites is blocked.