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What is an MDM policy?

If you ask Google what a policy is, it would say “a course or principle of action adopted or proposed by an organization or individual.” A Policy in MDM is a set of rules that can be imposed on a device or a device group remotely. They can be restrictions anywhere from general device functionalities or specific restrictions like app or website access.

Explore policy management with Hexnode

Devices enrolled in an MDM are safe from any potential security risk. This is made possible by monitoring and setting policies on corporate devices. Some of the general device aspects that can be configured using an MDM policy include passcode rules, restrictions, VPN setup, and Wi-Fi credentials. Hexnode extends it further to include management of aspects like; apps, E-mail, calendar and contact accounts, file and data expenses.

With Hexnode UEM, you can apply these policies directly across various devices, users, or user groups. Additionally, it allows you to create a new policy, modify existing ones by cloning or archiving them or even delete them if unnecessary.

In Hexnode, you will have pre-configured policy templates which can be associated with targets depending on the corporate requirement.