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How would MDM prevent cyber attacks?

A Mobile Device Management (MDM) is used to manage and secure all the mobile devices used within an enterprise. Leaving an enterprise device unmanaged could lead to dire consequences. Data breaches and leaks have become a common event, but the cause is usually something trivial. Most of the breaches are due to leaked credentials due to negligence. While to err is considered human, the repercussions of a data breach could take a huge toll on the company, both on its bank and its image. 

By using an MDM or (Unified Endpoint Management) UEM which comes with Identity and Access Management (IAM) features, implementing a Multi-Factor Authentication can prevent a majority of hacking breaches. Most MDM solutions also offer a device encryption feature that further decreases the chancing of cyber-attacks. If the managed device were to be stolen, you can track down its location or in the worst-case scenario wipe the device.  

In the case of BYOD devices, a containerization feature is available to separate work-related data from personal data which prevents any accidental data leaks. We can also implement additional security measures for the Wi-Fi or VPN network the device is connected to.