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Mar 29, 2023

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Have you ever had to use an Android TV to present a crucial report but were concerned about interruptions?  Yeah, interruptions can be a significant reason that might cause your presentation to falter. You may be interrupted by a coworker switching to a different app or even by a notification. This can lead to a loss of focus and a disrupted presentation. Luckily, Android TV single app mode has got your back.

With the help of this robust feature, enterprises can lock down the Android TV to a specific app. This will keep your presentation on schedule and free from distractions. The single app mode lets you focus on what really matters – delivering a flawless and engaging presentation. And it’s not just for presentations. This feature can also be used for a variety of office tasks. They can include displaying metrics on a dashboard or running a video conference. By locking down the Android TV to a single app, you can now keep everyone on task and maximize productivity.

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What is Android TV single app mode?

Android TV single app mode is a nifty feature that allows admins to lock down an Android TV device to a single app and run it continuously on the device. No matter how many times the device reboots or restarts, the default app will always take over, thereby transforming the Android TV into a focused and powerful tool for business needs.

Well, the advantages of single app mode extend beyond just preventing distractions. For example, Android TV single app mode can be used in a retail environment to display product details, prices, and promotions, assisting clients in making informed choices and boosting sales. It can also be used to display patient information and other crucial data in a healthcare industry, ensuring that medical staff always have access to the data they require.

This feature isn’t just limited to the scenarios we discussed above. It can be incredibly useful in various other settings, such as restaurant kiosks, interactive kiosks found in amusement parks and museums, as well as information kiosks located in government institutes. These are just a few examples of the many environments where Android TV single app mode can be a real game-changer, streamlining processes and increasing efficiency.

Single app mode vs Multi-app mode

When it comes to device usage, there are two distinct modes to consider: Single app mode and Multi-app mode.

Multi-app mode is like having a bustling city at your fingertips, with a plethora of applications running simultaneously. It provides the ability to switch between apps on the fly and tackle multiple tasks at once.

In contrast, single app mode is like having a private oasis, with only one app running at a time. This may seem limiting, but it allows for greater concentration and a sense of flow, as you become fully immersed in the task at hand without distractions. It’s a peaceful and focused approach to device usage that can be especially beneficial for work or creative endeavors.

However, both single app and multi-app mode are used to restrict device usage to only necessary apps and documents required for a specific task. Both modes can be used to increase productivity and focus, depending on the user’s preferences and needs. Ultimately, whether you prefer the bustling energy of multi-app mode or the serene focus of single app mode, it’s important to find the mode that works best for you and your needs.

Pre-requisites for using single app mode

Before utilizing the single app mode feature for Android TV, there are certain general pre-requisites to fulfill. These include:

  • Android TV device with operating system version 4.1 or above.
  • Ensure the installation of the specific app on the device.
  • Access to an active MDM/UEM account that supports the kiosk mode feature.

How to set up Android TV single app mode using Hexnode UEM?

For setting up Android TV single app mode, Hexnode UEM solution offers a straightforward and user-friendly solution that enables you to lock down your device to a single app for a more focused and secure viewing experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set it up using Hexnode UEM:

  • Log in to your Hexnode UEM account and navigate to the Policies section.
  • Choose Android Kiosk Lockdown by clicking on Kiosk Lockdown.
  • To set up the policy, select Single App and click Configure.
  • By selecting the “Add App” button, you can add the necessary app(s) in kiosk mode.
  • Choose the target devices from the “Add Targets” section to link the policy with those devices.
  • Click on the “Save” button to save the policy.

And that’s it! Hexnode UEM has set up your Android TV device in single app mode, providing a more focused and secure viewing experience.

Additional info 📖

When setting up a single app kiosk policy, the designated app will become the auto-launch app with a launch delay of 0 seconds. This ensures that the app runs continuously in the foreground and users won’t be able to exit the kiosk mode on their own. However, it’s also possible to adjust the auto-launch delay to a different time period. If the device remains idle for the specified amount of time, the designated app will launch automatically.

Benefits of using Android TV Single App Mode

The following are some advantages of utilizing Android TV’s single app mode:

  • Enhanced focus: By locking your Android TV device into a single app, you can minimize distractions and stay focused on the task at hand.
  • Increased security: Single app mode can help protect your device from unauthorized access and ensure that only approved apps are being used.
  • Simplified user experience: Single app mode can make the device interface more streamlined and user-friendly, especially for non-technical users.
  • Reduced maintenance: Locking down a device into just one app means that there are fewer apps to manage and maintain. This can result in lower maintenance costs and easier device management.
  • Better control: Single app mode gives IT administrators more power over the device, allowing them to keep an eye on usage and troubleshoot problems in real-time.

Tips and tricks to get the most out of your Android TV

Together with these advantages, Hexnode UEM includes a number of options made especially for configuring single app mode on Android TV devices. These include the ability to:

  • Customize app icons and labels
  • Robust reporting
  • Show all available Wi-Fi networks
  • Set app launch and auto-launch delays
  • Enable status bar
  • Manually exit kiosk lockdown
  • Lock down hardware buttons and other device settings

Hexnode UEM distinguishes itself with its simplicity of use and extensive feature set. You can be sure that your Android TV devices are safe, effective and tailored to your particular business requirements.

Hexnode UEM also offers kiosk launcher feature. Enabling this feature alongside single app mode results in a streamlined kiosk experience with a single app. Users can easily return to the kiosk home screen if needed. This functionality is available on Android TV OS 4.4 or higher devices.

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Wrapping up

In conclusion, Android TV’s single app mode is a powerful feature that enables admins to turn any Android TV into a dedicated kiosk device. With Hexnode UEM, setting up single app mode on Android TV is quick and easy. This also provides a secure and reliable way to showcase digital content or deliver specific applications to end users.

Whether you’re using Android TV for digital signage, information displays or any other enterprise use case, single app mode can help you streamline operations and maximize the value of your device investments. So, to boost the productivity of your organization, consider implementing Android TV single app mode with Hexnode UEM.

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