The 10 best Android kiosk software for businesses of all sizes

Wayne Thompson

Sep 27, 2023

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In today’s fast-paced business landscape, Android kiosk software has emerged as a game-changer. It allows Android devices to be transformed into dedicated and secure self-service kiosks. This simple yet powerful tool restricts device access, confining users to specific applications or functionalities, guaranteeing a secure and controlled user journey.

The implementation of Android kiosk mode has gained significant popularity across various industries due to its numerous advantages, ranging from enhanced user engagement to improved device security. To effectively manage and deploy kiosk mode, businesses and organizations rely on Android kiosk software. It provides the tools and capabilities needed for creating and maintaining a seamless kiosk experience.

What is an Android Kiosk software?

Android kiosk software is a specialized tool designed to transform Android devices into powerful, purpose-driven kiosks. These kiosks serve as interactive terminals, offering users specific features or information. Furthermore, by using Android kiosk software, businesses can limit device access, customize how users interact, and control applications. This helps to effectively build a secure and regulated kiosk setup. Additionally, the solution empowers businesses to tailor the kiosk experience to their unique needs while ensuring user engagement and data security.

Need for Android kiosk mode?

Android kiosk mode brings a range of benefits to different industries like, enhancing user experiences, security, device management, and cost-effectiveness.

  • It is beneficial for users who need to interact with a dedicated device or application.
  • Restricts access to critical functions, enhancing the experience and minimizing errors. This simplicity is particularly valuable in public or shared environments, where security is paramount.
  • By restricting access to sensitive data, settings, and unauthorized apps, kiosk mode safeguards devices against potential data breaches, ensuring user privacy and data integrity.
  • Repurposing existing Android devices into dedicated kiosks proves cost-effective, eliminating the need for expensive specialized hardware. This cost-saving approach is particularly advantageous for organizations with budget constraints, allowing them to create purpose-driven kiosks without significant additional investments.
  • The software’s customizability allows businesses to tailor the kiosk experience, while built-in analytics provide valuable insights for data-driven decisions and performance optimization.

10 best Android kiosk software

1. Hexnode

Hexnode UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) is a comprehensive and versatile solution designed to manage and secure a wide range of devices within an organization’s network. The Hexnode UEM’s kiosk mode for Android devices empowers organizations to gain additional control and security over their deployed endpoints. With the flexibility to customize settings and lock down devices securely, Hexnode ensures operational excellence and enhanced productivity for businesses of all sizes.

Top Features

Explore Hexnode’s Kiosk Mode for Android devices

2. Citrix

Citrix Endpoint Management has an innovative Android kiosk software solution designed to simplify and improve the administration of kiosks and self-service devices across different business environments. With a focus on providing a secure, efficient, and user-friendly experience, Citrix empowers organizations to effectively control and maintain their kiosk fleet.

Top features

  • Implement access controls, ensuring that only authorized users can interact with specific applications and features.
  • Ensures that devices remain up-to-date, content is effectively managed, and configuration changes are seamlessly implemented across all deployed devices.
  • Enables pinning of specific apps to the device screen upon app launch by the user.

3. Esper

Esper MDM is a powerful and versatile Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution designed to simplify the deployment, management and security of Android devices for businesses and other organizations. The Android kiosk solution offered by Esper is a feature-rich and comprehensive platform designed to turn Android devices into powerful self-service kiosks. The platform enables IT admins to remotely oversee the kiosk devices for effective management and assistance. Esper’s kiosk solution also offers advanced security features to safeguard sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access.

Top features

  • Provide a tailor-made and secure browsing experience through the utilization of managed configuration APIs on Chrome.
  • Conceal the status bar, notifications and restrict exiting from this mode.
  • Block calls and SMS while in kiosk mode to minimize distractions.

Featured resource

Hexnode – The perfect choice for Android device management

It might be challenging for IT admins to manage a huge number of Android devices. Hexnode UEM makes Android device management a seamless experience for them. Check out the White paper to know how.

Download the White paper

4. KioWare

KioWare is a highly customizable kiosk software that actively monitors device health and alerts users about potential security risks and incidents. This solution extends its protection to various industries, ranging from retail, libraries, healthcare, and banks to hospitality, safeguarding applications and devices across businesses of all sizes.

Top features

  • Customers can choose between hosting the kiosk software on their own premises or accessing it through the cloud, giving them flexibility in how they use the software.
  • Operates in full-screen mode, hiding the device’s status bar and preventing users from accessing device settings or other apps.
  • Can be configured to work with various peripherals, such as printers, scanners, and payment devices, enhancing its functionality in specific use cases.

5. Miradore

Miradore offers a user-friendly cloud-based Android kiosk software which efficiently secures and oversees company-owned devices. This enhances productivity by blocking distracting apps, enforcing security measures like passwords and encryptions, and facilitating remote lock and wipe options when necessary. Overall, it provides a simple, scalable solution to keep the device fleet up-to-date.

Top features

  • Keeps logs of user activities, helping administrators monitor device usage and identify any potential security issues.
  • Simple and hassle-free kiosk mode set up. Easy configuration and management of tasks, thanks to their user-friendly interface.
  • Allows to set time schedules for device usage, limiting access during specific hours or days.

6. Scalefusion

Scalefusion is another Android kiosk software known for its robust management features. It empowers IT administrators to control data usage costs, secure devices through lock-down measures, and prevent unauthorized access effectively. Furthermore, Scalefusion boosts productivity by removing interruptions and provides a customizable kiosk interface, offering options for custom branding, including the ability to restrict hardware keys. You can host the solution either on-site or in the cloud, providing flexibility to suit diverse business requirements.

Top features

  • Allows to create locked-down kiosk modes with either a single designated app or a set of multiple permitted applications.
  • Keeps track of device vitals such as battery, data, and storage usage, as well as monitoring security incidents and downtimes.
  • Restrict access to hardware and navigation keys for enhanced security and controlled user experience.

7. Mobile Device Manager Plus by ManageEngine

ManageEngine’s Mobile Device Manager Plus is a kiosk management software that boosts employee productivity while also reinforcing enterprise security with its robust mobility solutions. Moreover, offering a wide array of products from the parent company, it serves as a comprehensive solution for all device and network management requirements.

Top features

  • Permits users to modify basic settings on both multi-app and single-app kiosk regardless of the status bar restriction.
  • Keeps business apps safe on the device by stopping users from deleting them accidentally or on purpose.
  • Allows admins to automatically install apps on Android devices while provisioning them as kiosk devices, in case the apps are not already present on the devices.

8. Codeproof

Codeproof is a Mobile Device Management software with kiosk management capabilities for both iOS and Android devices. Their kiosk management solution enhances productivity and prevents device misuse by restricting access to undesirable apps and websites, as well as controlling data usage. Moreover, the software offers additional features, such as digital signage display and self-service kiosks, further enhancing its functionality and versatility.

Top features

  • Install multiple apps, including selected business apps on the Home Screen and blacklist all the built-in apps.
  • Allows you to customize the interface to portray your company logo and personalize it for groups or individual devices.
  • Toggle system functionalities such as touch, device rotation, volume, sleep/wake, zoom, auto lock, accessibility features, WiFi, and more for enhanced control over the device.

9. SureMDM

SureMDM, a comprehensive kiosk software solution from 42Gears, helps businesses to transform their Android devices into powerful and secure kiosks. With SureMDM’s kiosk mode for Android, companies can create an environment where users have restricted access to specific applications. This ensures a focused and secure user experience. SureLock and SureFox kiosk lockdown are two features provided by SureMDM

Top features

  • Helps IT admins ensure that users can only utilize devices in a secure and safe manner by allowing you to limit browsing access to pre-approved website(s)/web app(s).
  • SureFox has the ability to automatically detect blocked terms in websites or web apps and can restrict access by utilizing its optional keyword filtering features.
  • Allows IT admins to implement password control for each application.
  • Utilize SureLock’s analytics feature to analyze usage statistics, providing insights into the most frequently used applications by your workforce, along with the duration of each application’s usage for each user.

10. AirDroid

With the goal of optimizing operations and fostering a smooth user experience, AirDroid Kiosk Mode empowers businesses to convert Android devices into dedicated, task-oriented kiosks. This strong and flexible lockdown software improves how devices are managed in different places, helping different types of organizations.

Top features

  • Offers effortless remote management capabilities, allowing administrators to have full control over the kiosks through a centralized dashboard.
  • Restrict access to device volume, screen brightness, WiFi settings, Bluetooth, and other functionalities.
  • Comes with a built-in kiosk browser with incorporated incognito mode and automatic cache clearance to ensure secure and tidy browsing.


In conclusion, Android kiosk software has become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. It offers a wide range of benefits such as enhanced user experiences, improved security, efficient device management, and cost-effectiveness. By deploying Android kiosk mode, businesses can limit access and transform devices into purpose-driven kiosks. With a variety of Android kiosk software options available, businesses have the flexibility to tailor the kiosk experience to their unique needs. This flexibility ensures optimal user engagement and functionality.


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