• Wide range of AIDC products and solutions – Includes a wide range of products like mobile computers, rugged handheld PDAs, industrial tablets, barcode scanners, RFID readers and IoT solutions
  • Rugged devices – Devices defined by ergonomic design, versatility, and durability for industrial and harsh environments
  • Customize kiosk – Enhance the kiosk experience by customizing the wallpaper, launcher, boot up method, and notifications.
  • Programmable keys – The keys on the Unitech devices can be programmed to meet your needs.


Unitech mobile is a provider of Automatic Identification and Data Capture solutions (AIDC) around the world. Unitech’s product line includes mobile computers, rugged handheld tablets, barcode scanners, RFID readers, and IoT solutions. Android-based mobile computers and rugged tablets provide a wide range of features like network connectivity, software development, and secure database integration. Barcode scanners make use of new wireless and image scanning technologies to enhance the customer experience. The RFID includes UHF and HF handheld readers, a UHF fixed reader, and RFID client middleware.

Hexnode’s integration with Android OEMConfig helps enterprises manage Unitech devices with its native management feature. Hexnode MDM provides the feature to configure network settings, display configurations, kiosk settings, OS update, and much more on Unitech devices. Hexnode offers you the privilege to add customized scripts to be run on the device and to enable/disable device configurations like camera, GPS, touch, etc. Hexnode presents a simplified method to apply the configurations to all the desired devices from a single console, enhancing the user experience.
Manage Unitech devices with Hexnode MDM

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