Samsung Knox


  • Remote Configurations: Enterprise-based features can be remotely configured on Samsung devices using Knox Service Plugin.
  • Integrity: The Knox product suite provides hardware-backed integrity and real-time protection for its devices.
  • Secure booting mechanisms: Devices are built in such a way that it ensures real-time Kernel protection against Kernel threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Security: Enterprise solutions from Knox offers defense-grade security, policy management, and compliance capabilities across all the devices within an organization.
  • Firmware Update: Knox Service Plugin makes it easier to perform Firmware Over-the-air (FOTA) updates to devices automatically.


Samsung has always been on its journey to meet the evolving mobility requirements of its customers. Samsung Knox IT solutions evolve to be a comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management portfolio and provides a suite of services to satisfy the business needs of a mobile device throughout its enterprise journey. Samsung Knox provides a standardized set of security and management capabilities to Samsung devices built on top of Android.

Together with Samsung Knox, Hexnode MDM renders applicable Knox features across Samsung devices using Knox Service Plugin. This lets organizations generate and distribute policies to be provisioned across devices. Integration of Hexnode with Samsung Knox devices allows organizations to manage their entire fleet of Samsung devices remotely, and determine how the enterprise workforce employs them accomplish the business needs.

OEM-specific app configurations for Samsung Knox devices

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