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Hexnode’s partnership with Social Mobile offers a number of configurations for the granular management of Rhino devices. The Android device management suite offers standard management controls for Rhino devices. Since these devices are fully compatible with Android Enterprise, enterprise features such as zero-touch and OEMConfig are readily available. Hence, deploying them in bulk is now a piece of cake. The Rhino OEMConfig application offers a plethora of configurations such as OS update management, device recovery settings, notification panel and status bar management, and more to manage Rhino devices from a unified platform effectively. Using Hexnode UEM, you can elevate the management of Rhino devices to a whole new level by leveraging its zero-day support for enhanced configurations in OEMConfig.

  • Always up-to-date: Rhino devices are guaranteed to receive at least one OS update and security updates for up to three years. The security updates come within 90 days of its release by Google.
  • GMS and Android Enterprise: The devices from Rhino are Google Mobile Services (GMS) certified and Android Enterprise-ready.
  • Scalability and customizations: Customizations include private labeling of the hardware or software, bespoke accessories, enhanced software tweaks with customized update schedules, and more.
  • Bootloader protection: Rhino devices maintain utmost security with locked bootloaders that can be unlocked only via an authorized Rhino customer representative. Hence, device tampering or rooting is totally out of the question.

Social Mobile specializes in designing bespoke Android hardware for the enterprise market. Rhino is a range of rugged devices from Social Mobile designed to be free of malware with quick and frequent security updates. Rhino’s diverse portfolio of devices is exclusively made for the Android Enterprise ecosystem and has undergone a number of rigorous hardware and software tests to align to industry standards. From rugged handheld devices to digital signages, Rhino devices are engineered to work flawlessly with a wide range of industries and market sectors.

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