Samoby Mobile Threat Defense

Operating System: Android, iOS and iPadOS, macOS, Windows

Samoby’s Mobile Threat Protection solution- Samoby Mobile offers real-time protection for iOS and Android devices against rogue networks, phishing, and malicious app and device vulnerability attacks; not provided by an MDM. It also comes with the ability to define usage policies for apps and data plans, giving you better control over how company resources are used, adding a new security layer, and taking control of costs.

With the help of Samoby’s Mobile threat defense, SOCs gets the same level of relevant security information and logs from mobile devices outside the security parameter as they do from company network.

  • Manage device-based threats: Samoby Mobile considers the importance of device configuration to ensure user protection. It detects and prevents threats like a Root or jailbreak, a non-updated OS, any suspicious behaviour of the device, or Misconfiguration of the device.
  • Detect and avoid network-based threats: Detect and avoid Network-based threats: Samoby detects all kinds of network attacks like Man-in-the-middle, 3/4G to 2G downgrades, and Host certificate hijacking without.
  • Deny access to sensitive data when at risk: Samoby monitors the security of mobile endpoints and denies access to corporate data and servers when the security is compromised.

Samoby provide enterprise class Cloud solutions for managing mobile user security and digital experience.

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