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Smartphones from Motorola offer a wide range of possibilities for both consumer-specific needs and organizational requirements. LEX L11, the mission-critical LTE device, is a fully-fledged rugged device developed by Motorola Solutions. It is thoughtfully designed to deliver at most device efficiency within the organizational premises. To deliver top-notch management in addition to the iron-clad hardware and software components, they have developed an OEMConfig application, “LEX OEMConfig”. This OEMConfig app for LEX 11 Android devices, when integrated with the Hexnode console, provides an interface to manage the device and its functionalities. You can adjust the device configurations like display, battery, sound, network, etc. It helps the IT team set up and administer LEX L11 devices with ease.

  • Seamless operation: Intuitive controls enable easy access to the device in tough situations or initiate the commands blindly using programmable switches and push-to-talk buttons.
  • Top-notch audio quality: High-quality audio performance with abilities to reduce distortion, cancel background noises, and more.
  • Limitless customizations: From battery to chargers and holsters to cradles, LEX L11 devices can be customized to suit all your needs with an available suite of accessories.
  • Unparalleled performance: Guaranteed performance in even the harshest of the environments in addition to long battery life.

Motorola Solutions has been a pioneer in public safety and enterprise security. Since 1928, Motorola Solutions Inc. has revolutionized the mobile communications industry by creating innovative solutions and services. Its technology platforms include Mission-Critical Communications, Command Center Software Suite, Video Security and Access Control, and Managed and Support Services. These solutions aim at developing an integrated technology ecosystem to help organizations stay productive and secure.

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