• Portability: Portability and ease-of-use of Lenovo devices help improve business outcomes for enterprise clients.
  • Enterprise-compliant: Lightweight corporate devices from Lenovo proves to be ideal for enterprise folks.
  • Energy-efficient: Lenovo devices have low power requirements, thus extending the battery life.
  • Customizable solution: Lenovo Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) offers a comprehensive, customizable mobility solution to tackle the organization’s needs.
  • Lifecycle Management: Lenovo’s extended support and service across its devices provide cost-effective and efficient lifecycle management.


Lenovo is a multinational technology company that began its journey three decades ago. Dedicated to transforming user experience with technology, Lenovo offers a broad range of devices, from smartphones to laptops. Lenovo provides a complete ecosystem of smart devices, applications, and data centers, helping businesses to perform as trusted organizations. By adding customer-validated requirements, Lenovo continues to improve digital workplace solutions.

Hexnode’s integration with Lenovo delivers a simplified solution that provides organizations a combined device and Enterprise Mobility Management service. With the advent of Android Enterprise, many OEM vendors support OEM-specific features on their devices. Using Hexnode MDM, these settings can be customized on Lenovo devices by deploying Lenovo OEMConfig application. Collaboration with Lenovo allows Hexnode users to custom-configure a wide variety of Android-based Lenovo devices to satisfy the evolving business requirements.

OEM-specific app configurations for Lenovo devices

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