• Durability: The military-grade durable smartphones from Kyocera are certified to operate under extreme conditions offering waterproof, dustproof, and high resistance to shock and drops.
  • Push-to-talk: Dedicated Push-to-talk (PTT) buttons and support for various carrier-specific PTT platforms ensures high utility and flexibility.
  • Security: Kyocera devices provide built-in security and full encryption to the stored data, safe data transfer technology, secure boot, and certificate management.
  • Remote monitoring: Employee devices can be monitored remotely to ensure that they meet the company’s compliance criteria, facilitating complete remote device management.
  • Lifecycle management: Ranging from small to medium businesses, you can avail Kyocera’s services throughout the device life cycle, ensuring constant support from Kyocera to manage the deployed devices.


Kyocera Corporation is characterized by high-quality, unique technologies delivered across various business platforms. Kyocera mobile provides a robust and unique mobility solution based on Android smartphones. A wide range of mobile accessories from Kyocera turns out to be a customized tool that helps businesses be more productive and efficient. It is the right tool to be employed in virtually every environment and is a complete solution to all the business needs.

Hexnode’s integration with Kyocera simplifies deploying and managing devices to meet the elevated enterprise requirements within an organization. Kyocera’s OEMConfig application extends immense capabilities to Hexnode MDM, which lets businesses restrict or permit employee’s device capabilities, thus customizing the devices as per the business needs. The entire suite of EMM features extended through the OEMConfig app improves the management of enterprise-based Kyocera devices. Furthermore, consolidating the Hexnode MDM solution makes business-compliant Kyocera mobile devices well-tailored to serve a dynamic workforce.

OEM-specific app configurations for Kyocera devices

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