• Google Certified: Archos’ Android smartphones and tablets are Google-certified, ensuring utmost protection against malware, privacy hacks, and more.
  • Simple and Customer-Centric: Archos aims to create efficient and customer-centric devices, encompassing all the efficient device essentials. They ensure instant and expert assistance to the customers through online chat rooms.
  • Flexibility and Customization: Archos employs a dedicated team to handle customizations of their standard products as per the requests of the consumers.
  • Diversity: Archos has developed a variety of consumer electronics products, ranging from the first-ever Android tablets to cutting-edge tablet computers and smartphones suited for all business use cases.
  • Versatile Functioning: Archos smartphones are well-adapted endpoints suitable for a corporate framework with long-lasting batteries, powerful cameras and seamless video streams.


Archos is a French-based multinational company that has entered the consumer electronics industry in 1988. With over 33 years of experience, Archos extends its immense know-how to manufacture a wide range of innovative smartphones and tablets. Being a pioneer in the Android OS space, Archos has always been at the forefront in bringing mobile and connected multimedia devices to the market. Archos products are not only cost-efficient but reliable as well.

Collaborating with Hexnode’s UEM solution enables organizations to seamlessly administer and manage Archos’ line of smartphones and tablets. The comprehensive Android device management suite in Hexnode can be leveraged to control Archos devices efficiently. It also opens the door to extend management capabilities beyond the native features through the Archos OEMConfig solution. The enhanced list of scanning features available in the Archos OEMConfig app elevates device management to the next level. Consigning Archos device management to Hexnode will ensure a safe and secure environment to boost productivity at any workplace.
Configure Archos OEMConfig application

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