Reply To: Feature Request: Policy import/export

AvatarIan Jones

Hi,   the above feature request (which is a great idea) was raised over a year ago (March 31, 2020 at 10:53 am) and your a year ago was that a feature request was raised and you were starting work on it.   I have not seen this feature in any release notes and can’t find it in menus etc so is it ‘still’ being worked on?      This type of feature is really useful as many of your customers have more than one account (partly as originally there were no roles we could share with clients).  So we currently have 4 accounts and I am setting up anew one every month, and they all have EXACTLY the same policy so its so frustrating having to recreate them all from scratch.      Is there anything you can do in the back end to copy a policy over from one account to another?   Thanks…