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AvatarThomas Specter
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Hello Raymond
Thank you for your insight. We currently use an MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) for logging onto our portal, via SMS/email. The Google Authenticator type verification is currently a work in progress which we expect to roll out soon enough. As far as the devices’ individual authentication is concerned, it entirely device specific.
In all our supported platforms, we currently have a system where an unauthorized user would not be able to enroll into your portal, called enforced authentication. Our current “Enforced Authentication” (EA) works smoothly across different areas like Azure AD by Microsoft, Google’s G-Suite and, also supports your Active Directory on your local Microsoft Server.
We grow ourselves greatly by listening to what our customers say. It would be of great help for us if you could spend a couple of minutes, help us understand what can be done to better ourselves, hence help us serve you better. Could you please help us understand if you are referring to the portal’s or the device’s authentication?

Thomas Specter
Hexnode MDM