Reply To: All licenses in one environment/portal

AvatarIJsvogel Retail


Thank you for your explanation, and i totally agree that it has to be as simple as possible for the end user.

I could think of that you would create tabs at the top of the portal that have the names of each licenses (enterprise, ultimate, ultra etc).

Once clicked, all the settings underneath are the same, except you only see the devices that are assigned to that specific license model. I think this is very visual for the end user, and so he knows where he is in the portal.

The problem that needs to be solved I think, is that the end users doesn’t have to login to different portals/environments and can purchase only the licenses he really needs for each different device. Technically in the backend it could still be separated environments, just not for the end user. However, then you need to have an option to transfer an enrolled device to a different environment. I’m pretty sure you have some geniuses over there that could figure this one out :D.