Why organizations choose Hexnode UEM to manage Apple devices?

Wayne Thompson

Jul 17, 2023

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Importance of UEM for Apple Device Users

In today’s digital landscape, managing Apple devices efficiently and securely has become essential for businesses of all sizes. With the increasing popularity of Apple devices, organizations face the challenge of finding a reliable Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution that can effectively cater to their specific needs. Among the various UEM vendors available in the market, Hexnode has emerged as one of the top solutions. It is renowned for its ability to empower businesses to manage Apple devices seamlessly. This article highlights nine compelling reasons why Hexnode UEM stands out as an excellent choice for managing Apple devices.

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9 reasons to choose Hexnode UEM to manage Apple devices

1. Simplified device configuration and setup

Integration with ABM

Hexnode UEM seamlessly integrates with Apple Business Manager (ABM), enabling organizations to streamline the setup and configuration process of their Apple devices. By leveraging ABM integration, businesses can automate device enrollment, saving time and effort. Furthermore, this integration ensures a hassle-free deployment of Apple devices, empowering IT teams to focus on more strategic tasks rather than manual device configuration.

Automated Device Enrollment

Automated Device Enrollment (ADE) is a feature that simplifies the device setup process by automating configuration and enrollment tasks, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for users. Hexnode UEM provides Automated Device Enrollment (ADE), offering users the convenience of automated configuration and enhancing efficiency during device setup. With ADE, IT administrators can pre-configure devices remotely, eliminating the need for manual intervention. By automating the setup, users can seamlessly begin using their Apple devices as soon as they unbox the device, resulting in time savings, consistent configurations and increased productivity.

2. Cost optimization and asset management

Optimizing device usage and inventory management

Hexnode helps businesses optimize device usage and reduce downtime through efficient device management. It provides a centralized platform for managing all devices. Additionally, it also automates several device management tasks to reduce the need for manual interventions and allows administrators to resolve device issues remotely. This ensures optimum device performance, maximizes productivity and minimizes disruptions. Furthermore, Hexnode simplifies device inventory management by automating the tracking and monitoring of Apple devices. This automation reduces the need for manual inventory management, minimizing errors and freeing up resources to focus on more strategic tasks.

Telecom Expense Management

The UEM further incorporates telecom expense management features, enabling businesses to efficiently track and manage their mobile communication expenses. This capability helps organizations optimize their telecom costs, identify cost-saving opportunities, and enhance overall financial efficiency.

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Reducing overall IT costs

Implementing Hexnode UEM can lead to a significant reduction in overall IT costs. By carefully optimizing the resource allocation, businesses can achieve cost savings and improve operational efficiency. Additionally, Hexnode UEM provides an ROI calculator, enabling organizations to assess the potential return on investment. Furthermore, evaluating the money saved and security enhancements offered by Hexnode UEM, businesses can make informed decisions about adopting the solution.

3. Enhanced security and data protection

Encryption and secure data transfer

With a focus on data protection, Hexnode UEM prioritizes robust encryption and secure data transfer protocols. By leveraging industry-leading encryption mechanisms like BitLocker on Windows and FileVault encryption on Mac, Hexnode assures that critical organization data is securely shielded from unauthorized access.


It’s really simple to encrypt an iPhone, and it’s already encrypted if it’s passcode protected. To know more about iPhone encryption, check out this blog.

With Hexnode UEM, businesses can adhere to best practices and compliance requirements, safeguard data integrity and confidentiality, and maintain the security of sensitive information throughout its lifecycle. This approach fosters trust among customers and stakeholders.

Enforcement of passcodes

Passcode enforcement is a crucial aspect of device security, and Hexnode UEM provides a robust solution in this regard. With Hexnode UEM, IT teams have the ability to enforce strict passcode policies on Apple devices, thereby fortifying the overall security posture. You can set requirements like complex characters, passcode age, device lock grace period, minimum length, etc. Furthermore, implementing strong passcodes reduces unauthorized access and potential data breaches for businesses. Enforcing passcodes on Apple devices fosters trust in device management practices.

Business Container

Hexnode UEM offers a business containerization feature to safeguard corporate data on both COPE and BYOD devices. The business container on iOS devices establishes a clear separation between personal and corporate content, controlling the flow of data between apps. This discrete partition ensures that personal and corporate data remain separate and secure.

By implementing containerization, Hexnode UEM effectively separates personal apps and data from the business environment, thereby preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information and reducing the risk of security vulnerabilities. With this robust segregation, corporate data remains protected within its designated container, ensuring confidentiality and integrity while promoting a secure working environment for employees. Thus, businesses can confidently manage Apple devices and safeguard their valuable corporate assets.

Access control

Effective access control is vital for maintaining data integrity and preventing unauthorized access. Hexnode UEM enables organizations to implement access control policies, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access specific resources or applications on Apple devices. This capability adds an extra layer of security and helps organizations maintain regulatory compliance.

Employee using an enrolled iPad
Employee using an enrolled iPad

4. Device tracking and location services

Real-time device tracking and geolocation

With Hexnode UEM, businesses gain access to real-time device tracking and geolocation services, enabling them to monitor the location of their Apple devices at any given time. This feature is invaluable in case of lost or stolen devices, as it enables organizations to locate and recover the devices promptly.

Anti-theft features and stolen device recovery

In addition to tracking, Hexnode provides robust security and anti-theft features to protect sensitive data on Apple devices. In case of loss or theft, administrators can remotely wipe or lock devices to prevent unauthorized access. By remotely initiating these actions, businesses can prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information and mitigate potential risks.

Geofencing and location-based policies

Geofencing is a powerful feature offered by Hexnode UEM, enabling organizations to define virtual boundaries and implement location-based policies on Apple devices. This capability enhances security by automatically triggering actions or applying specific policies when a device enters or exits a designated area.

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5. App and Content Management

Centralized app distribution and management features

Another important feature of Hexnode is that it offers centralized app distribution and management capabilities, enabling IT teams to efficiently deploy and manage applications on Apple devices. This centralized approach simplifies the app management process, saving time and effort. Additionally, organizations can deploy custom applications and updates over-the-air (OTA) using Hexnode UEM. This feature eliminates the need for physically handling the device, reducing downtime and ensuring that users have access to the latest applications and updates seamlessly.

Content filtering

With UEM, businesses can enforce content filtering on Apple devices, guaranteeing compliance with the organization’s content policies. This functionality restricts access to inappropriate or unauthorized content, bolstering security measures and fostering a work environment focused on productivity.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Hexnode aids in the seamless execution of application lifecycle management to manage Apple devices. ALM empowers organizations to effectively handle app versions, updates, and retirements. This comprehensive capability ensures that Apple devices are consistently equipped with the latest and most secure applications, reducing vulnerabilities and enhancing the overall user experience. Furthermore, it enables businesses to seamlessly handle the entire lifecycle of applications. From version control to timely updates and even app retirement, organizations can ensure that their Apple devices are always running the most up-to-date and secure applications.

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6. Enhanced productivity and collaboration

Seamless integration with productivity apps

Users can leverage their favorite tools effortlessly as Hexnode seamlessly integrates with various productivity apps. This integration streamlines workflows, boosts productivity, and enhances user experience on Apple devices. Furthermore, with Hexnode, organizations can provide users with access to enterprise collaboration tools, such as document sharing platforms and communication applications. This empowers employees to collaborate effectively and efficiently, regardless of their location, contributing to enhanced productivity and teamwork.

Kiosk Mode for iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs

With the kiosk mode feature businesses can transform their iPhones and iPads into dedicated single-application mode, limiting access to specific apps and functionalities. Hexnode UEM offers extensive kiosk features for iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs, providing organizations with enhanced control and customization options. This enables organizations to create interactive displays, self-service kiosks, or guided experiences tailored to their specific needs. Furthermore, it helps businesses to optimize customer engagement and simplify operations. When it comes to Apple TV, it can be transformed into a kiosk enabling businesses to display targeted content or information in public spaces, showrooms, or events. With Hexnode’s kiosk mode, organizations can maximize the utility of their Apple devices, creating engaging experiences, improving customer interactions, and enhancing brand presence.

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7. Device monitoring and troubleshooting

Remote troubleshooting and diagnostics

To further empower the IT teams, Hexnode UEM provides remote troubleshooting and diagnostics capabilities so they can address device issues without physical access. By utilizing real-time remote viewing and troubleshooting, IT professionals can identify and resolve problems efficiently, minimizing downtime and enhancing user experience.

Device monitoring and performance optimization

It also provides device monitoring and performance optimization features, allowing administrators to monitor device health and optimize performance. The iOS remote view feature enables real-time assistance, ensuring swift problem resolution. Furthermore, the Mac remote access feature empowers administrators to remotely access and troubleshoot Mac devices, enhancing support capabilities. With remote troubleshooting, diagnostics, and performance optimization, Hexnode UEM streamlines support processes, minimizes disruptions, and ensures smooth device operation.

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8. Compliance and policy enforcement

Enforcing corporate policies and regulations

Hexnode UEM empowers organizations to enforce corporate policies and regulations across Apple devices. By implementing strict policies, businesses can ensure compliance with industry regulations, safeguard sensitive information, and maintain data integrity.

Tracking and reporting device compliance

Businesses can track and report device compliance through scheduled reports using Hexnode UEM. This feature provides insights into device security, policy adherence, and potential vulnerabilities, facilitating proactive measures to maintain a secure environment. Various industries have specific security requirements and regulations. Hexnode offers the flexibility to meet these industry-specific needs, ensuring that organizations can comply with regulations and maintain a secure environment tailored to their industry.

9. Centralized updates

Timely and efficient distribution of OS and security updates

It simplifies the distribution of security and operating system (OS) updates for Apple devices. By centrally managing and deploying updates, businesses can ensure that devices are equipped with the latest features and security patches, minimizing vulnerabilities and enhancing device performance. Additionally, Hexnode enables organizations to push OS updates to the Apple devices through scripts, further streamlining the update management process. This feature ensures that devices receive updates seamlessly, without requiring user intervention, saving time and effort.


Hexnode UEM offers comprehensive features, strong security, and a user-friendly interface, making it ideal to manage Apple devices effectively. Furthermore, it provides a holistic solution for Apple device users, including simplified configuration, enhanced security, and cost optimization. By implementing Hexnode UEM, organizations can optimize device management, enhance productivity, and ensure the security of their Apple device ecosystem.

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