The right way to use Social Mobile Rhino rugged devices for industrial applications

Brendon Baxter

Mar 20, 2023

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Rugged devices don’t need an introduction anymore. They are extremely popular in literally every industry out there. A sturdy build and their ability to withstand extreme conditions make them perfect for industrial uses where their true might will be tested. And with many new rugged devices hitting the market recently, the choice of the best-suited device is becoming harder and harder.

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When talking about rugged devices, you are sure to come across the name Social Mobile Rhino rugged devices. Social Mobile introduced these devices to the market, not as basic rugged devices, but ones that gave extreme importance to security. And since these devices ran on Android platform, they gained more popularity.

Why Social Mobile Rhino devices?

Okay, with such high praise, we must be able to justify why these devices are perfect for you. From rugged smartphones and tablets to POS devices and dedicated kiosk devices, Social Mobile offers a wide range of rugged devices for different industrial applications.

And when I said Social Mobile takes security seriously, I wasn’t kidding. The device is incredibly secure in addition to being engineered to resist harsh environmental conditions. The devices are designed so that they do not display any form of bloatware. Also, the company also promises frequent security updates, at least one update within every 90 days (about 3 months) to be exact. Oh, and do not worry about the software update, they promise at least one update for every device. Social Mobile promises at least 3-year support and availability for every device.

Now coming to the device features, the devices run on the latest Android versions, with an extremely powerful battery and a high-octane processor.

Phew, quite the list of features.

After being in business for around 11 years, Social Mobile Rhino rugged devices found themselves as an indispensable in various industries like healthcare, retail, food delivery chains, government organizations and non-profit organizations.

Social Mobile Rhino devices

Let us see the rugged device options offered by Social Mobiles:

Rugged device for industrial application

We have seen so much about Social Mobile Rhino rugged devices, but there might be a few of you who are still wondering why an industry needs rugged devices. Fear not, we are here to clarify that for you.

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Rugged devices find themselves perfect in an industry setup mainly due to their sturdy build quality. Imagine working in a factory, and you are in an elevated area. So, in such a scenario, if a normal device was to fall from such a height, the device would surely be shattered, but not rugged devices. Similarly, other extreme situations like exposure to humidity, dust, extreme temperatures and shocks that might damage a normal consumer-grade device can’t damage a rugged device that easily.

Another main reason why these devices are used in industries extensively is because of the ease with which they can be managed. When powered with a powerful UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) solution like Hexnode, rugged devices can be managed from head to toe. And as a bonus, the rugged device manufacturers will provide OEMConfig apps to further extend the scope of device management. Don’t worry, we will talk about OEMConfig later on in the blog.

Finally, these devices can be modified in such a way that they can be used for specific purposes only, which makes them extremely handy in industrial applications. This increases productivity as well as strengthens security.

How to use Social Mobile Rhino rugged devices the right way?

Okay, like every other rugged device, to use Social Mobile Rhino rugged devices properly, you need a proper device management solution. “But there are too many device management solutions. Which one should I choose?” Look no further, Hexnode is here.

If you are looking forward to having Social Mobile Rhino rugged devices in your company, you should know why it is best to have Hexnode by your side to get the most out of your Rhino devices.

After you have selected and purchased the right Rhino device for your company depending on your use case, Hexnode will help your IT team take care of everything about them. From enrollment and deployment to management and monitoring, Hexnode will help you with the A-Z of Rhino device management. How cool is that?

Some of the major features of Hexnode that will help you manage the Social Mobile Rhino rugged devices are:


Enrolling Social Mobile Rhino rugged device is a walk in the park with Hexnode. Since the devices run on Android, a lot of enrollment options are available with Hexnode. OR code enrollment, authenticated enrollment, self-enrollment, and Android Enterprise enrollment are some of the main enrollment options offered by Hexnode.

Above all of these methods, Hexnode also supports Android Zero-Touch enrollment. In this method, the device will be enrolled in the Hexnode device management portal as soon as the device is switched on and the device is connected to the internet. To learn more about Android ZTE, click here.

Device management policies and restrictions

Hexnode offer state-of-the-art policy management. With Hexnode’s policy management, you can control, configure and restrict almost everything regarding the device. From configuring lock screen animation and mobile content management to enabling or disabling camera and GPS, almost all settings in the device can be tweaked to your requirement with Hexnode’s policy and restrictions.

Network configuration

Apart from restricting Wi-Fi and mobile data settings, Hexnode also allows you to configure a network on the device. Confused? Let me explain. With Hexnode, it is possible to preconfigure which Wi-Fi the device should connect to. You can also configure other network features like APN and VPN.

Security configuration

Even though Social Mobile Rhino rugged devices are highly secure, Hexnode can always take it up a notch. There is never a thing as too secure, right? Hexnode lets you configure certificates and HTTP proxies and also schedule OS updates on the device. Also, IT admins can restrict web content by blocking access to unwanted websites.

App management

Okay, this is self-explanatory. Hexnode offers everything in app management, from remote app deployment and app configurations to blocking unnecessary apps. So, if you have Hexnode by your side, you wouldn’t have to look for any other tool to manage your apps.

Remote monitoring and remote actions

With these features, the IT team will always be in the loop about what is happening on the device and if something goes south, with remote actions you can perform instantaneous tasks on the device like restart, device wipe, app uninstallation and so on. Hexnode remote monitoring gives you reports on various aspects of the device as well as real-time information about the device like battery level, apps on the device, connected network and so on. Also, Hexnode offers remote view and remote control, where the IT team can see and control devices in real-time helping IT teams troubleshoot much easier.

Kiosk management

Kiosks are those devices that are locked down to a specific app or a set of apps, and only those apps can be used on the device. Hexnode offers extensive kiosk management features for Android devices. With Hexnode you lock down your Rhino devices to a single app kiosk, multi-app kiosk, website kiosk, or even digital signage. So, if you are looking to lock your Social Mobile Rhino rugged devices in kiosk mode, Hexnode can help you there as well.

That’s not the end, Hexnode also helps take granular control of Social Mobile Rhino rugged devices using their proprietary OEMConfig app.

Social Mobile’s OEMConfig

For those of you who don’t have an idea what OEMConfig is, it is an app designed by the OEM or the Original Equipment Manufacturer, for UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) solutions to control their devices better. This makes use of Google’s Managed app configuration to control and manage devices better. To learn more about OEMConfig click here.

So Social Mobile also provides an OEMConfig app to manage their Rhino devices, Rhino OEMConfig. With this app, you can control the device even better since the app gives device management a scope outside of what is possible with a UEM. For example, with this app, it is possible to restrict and modify the functionalities of external buttons on the device. To know more about what is possible with Rhino OEMConfig, click here.

In conclusion

By now, you’re probably feeling like the Einstein of rugged devices – ready to drop some serious knowledge on anyone who’ll listen! But in all seriousness, we hope this article has given you a better understanding of why rugged devices are essential in industrial settings. And you also saw how Social Mobile Rhino rugged devices and Hexnode are perfect for each other. So, for all of you out there who prioritize security in an industrial setup, check out Social Mobile Rhino rugged devices. Catch you folks with the next article, toodles.


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