Why Motorola rugged devices are the right choice for tough industrial applications?

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Oct 4, 2022

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Difficult times often bring out the best in people.
-Bernie Sanders

This assertion seems appropriate in the context of rugged devices too. Rugged devices were developed in response to challenging environments. They have hardware that is particularly designed to resist the most extreme conditions like severe temperatures, shocks, drops, water, dust, etc. Thereby avoiding device failures to an extent.

Who needs a rugged device?

Rugged devices play a great role in the workplace. These products are typically preferred by customers whose protection needs can’t be satisfied by a simple protective case.


Construction sites, mines, oil and gas fields, and warehouses are among the industrial environments where rugged devices are chosen. This is because harsh weather conditions have a direct effect on how well the device functions.

The key characteristic of these rugged devices is their sturdy structure. Apart from that, the additional features they provide mainly include:

  • high brightness flashlights,
  • sunlight-readable display,
  • multipurpose alarms,
  • industrial scanners,
  • GPS tracking,
  • proprietary applications,
  • push-to-talk capabilities and many more…

Why Motorola rugged devices?

Rugged gadgets hit the market as a result of industrial digitalization. Now, Motorola Defy is the best-known rugged device in the family.

The features are:

  • It’s dust-proof and waterproof.
  • It can resist several falls of up to 6 feet.
  • The phone has an IP68 rating.
  • It has also been certified at the military level to endure extreme situations.

According to Motorola, the phone features a dual-sealed casing and can withstand immersion in water for up to 5 feet for 35 minutes. Apart from Defy, there are many rugged gadgets offered by Motorola. They include:

  • ET1 Rugged Tablet
  • Motorola MC55A
  • Motorola MC70
  • Motorola MC75
  • Motorola MC75A
  • Motorola LTE Handheld
  • Motorola laptop ML900
  • Motorola ET1 Tablet

These devices are tested to IP and MIL-STD standards. They are specifications that ensure the dependability of devices and ensure that it can withstand significantly more stress than ordinary phones.

When determining if rugged devices are cost-effective, knowledge of their IP ratings is highly important. The ruggedness of the devices is verified by a variety of tests, including the torture test, bowling or tumble test.

The adaptability of Motorola devices enables us to collect and communicate business-critical information in accordance with our company requirements. Motorola’s rugged devices stand out because of their simple design and ability to continue functioning under difficult conditions.

Why UEM and rugged devices are a good strategic fit?

When it comes to an organization, all the endpoints should be managed and secured properly. Otherwise, they may cause a lot of trouble and financial loss to enterprises. This is where rugged device management can help you go a step further.

Like other devices, rugged devices can also be quickly enrolled with the help of a UEM solution. Some of the UEM capabilities for rugged devices are as follows:

To increase data protection, standardize endpoint management, and boost employee productivity, an effective UEM solution will function hand in hand with the rugged devices. The UEM solution aids in unifying the administration of all devices within the organization.

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Rugged devices in the enterprise

The capacity of rugged devices to survive a variety of external circumstances has led to their adoption in a wide range of sectors. Get to know about the benefits of rugged devices and learn how to secure them with Hexnode.

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Hexnode rugged device management for easier device control

Hexnode’s extensive feature set makes managing rugged devices easier. UEM solutions like Hexnode, are designed to monitor endpoints, offer role-based access, manage software distribution, blacklist unwanted apps, and enforce security regulations. The foundation of Hexnode UEM is its ability to transform any type of device, even new devices, into a work-ready gadget.

For Motorola rugged devices, Hexnode provides the following features:

The Motorola rugged devices even support Android Enterprise. In tandem with Android Enterprise and OEMConfig support, Hexnode expands the management options for these rugged devices.

Android Enterprise is a framework for managing and securing Android (5.0+) devices in a corporate environment. To handle both business and personal devices, it provides two management options (Device Owner and Profile Owner).

To enable admins to customize OEM-specific settings on Android devices, OEMs provide OEMConfig applications. Android OEMConfig is a customized framework initiated by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Using the Android Enterprise managed app settings, these applications may be used to manage device functionality. Motorola’s LEX OEMConfig program allows administrators to take precise control of LEX L11 Android devices.

Advantages of OEMConfig includes:

  • minimize the current level of OEM fragmentation
  • offer a standardized method for specifying and applying device settings
  • acquiring access to new features without deploying any changes to the UEM console or agent applications
  • zero-day support for all OEM features from UEM vendors

Applications designed specifically for OEMConfig devices are created by OEMs and hosted on managed google play. UEM solutions like Hexnode enable the deployment of OEMConfig apps to devices. Hence, an IT admin can easily install and customize apps on business devices.

Final insights

Organizations that seek devices that are tougher, outdoor-optimized, and industry-appropriate make a substantial customer group. According to a report on the global rugged devices market 2022-2026, the rugged devices market is expected to increase by $344.78 million between 2022 and 2026, with a 5.5% CAGR throughout the forecast period.

Motorola rugged devices provide an excellent user experience along with the ability to withstand harsh handling, temperature changes, dust, and other adversities.

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