Mastering the Mac system admin role

Darvin Hart

Jan 25, 2023

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Devices form the nervous system of any organization and system admins are the brains. With Apple devices growing a ton in the enterprise space & Macs being used widely, a distinction in character is needed. A mere generic system admin may not cut it. That’s where a Mac system admin steps in.

The system admin role is more of a generic role being a jack of all trades. While a Mac system admin who holds OS-specific knowledge and is well versed in the ins and outs of that particular OS is the master who changes the entire system administration game. As unique as the role of a Mac system admin is, the learning curve is proportionally greater. If you are an IT professional looking to get into a Mac system admin role, this guide is the go-to for you.

Mac system admin – An Apple mage

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Yes, you are…

However being a Mac wizard, (probably even a great one at that) requires specific skills and knowledge to manage multiple platforms and OSes at a time. Mac system admins are Mac system administrators specializing in both the hardware and software aspects. They not only specialize in Macs but also in other Apple devices. They are responsible for the complete Apple device ecosystem in an organization. IT professionals who deploy, maintain, and manage Apple devices & systems and have a complete understanding of the environment are the ones who have mastered the Mac witchcraft and wizardry.

As a Mac system admin, the following comes under your wizarding expertise,

  • Installing software and hardware.
  • Deploying devices & device updates.
  • Managing accounts and permissions.
  • Device security monitoring & troubleshooting technical issues.

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A Mac system admin should have the capability to instruct the employees on the best practices for handling Apple devices in addition to deploying and managing them.

Pointers to be a pro Mac system admin

Like any other profession, Mac system admins also need essential skills and an impeccable hold of the Apple environment to sustain themselves in the field, which doesn’t come overnight. This takes time and commitment for the professional to become a pro. Following are some pointers to becoming a pro Mac system admin

Training under the Apple tree

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The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Unlike Isaac Newton, not every Mac system admin gets struck by an apple & makes it their breakthrough instantly. Adequate educational qualifications and add-on certifications in the IT industry are quite beneficial given the domain you’ll be working in. But what makes you stand out is knowing the Apple ecosystem from the source itself. Yes, one can gain an immense amount of information by learning directly from the source.

Apple has its own set of training guides & materials which widely help developers and system admins to work seamlessly with Apple devices. In the case of Mac system admins, these materials will be their bible.

In addition to training resources, Apple also offers distinguished certification training programs for professionals. Any IT professional holding one of these certifications really can stand out from the crowd.

Cognizance & Collaboration

Experience is the teacher of all things.

Learning and being updated with all the information and technical needs is vital to staying relevant in this field. Similarly putting the gained info into action and working in the domain is as much important as learning. For any job role, experience is mandatory, and for such a pivotal role as Mac system admin, experience is crucial. It means to get exposure, a bigger exposure to the Apple abode. Working with Apple’s fleet of devices is an add-on advantage for one to pursue a career as a Mac system admin.

In addition to working in the Apple territory, staying connected with like-minded people is invaluable. There are Mac system admin communities like the MacAdmins Foundation and MacAdmin Monthly & other channels where aspiring Mac system admins in the domain meet up & discuss various aspects of the domain.

UEM – the unsung hero of Mac system admins

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The power of the sun in the palm of your hands.

Being an expert Mac system admin is a powerful role. However, someone’s uncle once said that with great power comes great responsibilities. A powerful UEM tool is needed to handle all the significant responsibilities that come with being a Mac administrator. Mac system admins should become acquainted with a much-needed UEM solution such as Hexnode to effectively manage Apple devices.

Although you have to carry the weight of the organization on your shoulders, no one said you can’t take a little help. Hexnode offers that much-needed little help for Mac system admins in terms of automated device enrollment, configurations, deploying updates, remote monitoring & more.

You may not have the power of the sun in the palm of your hand. Although with Hexnode you do have the power over Apple at the tips of your fingers. As Hexnode offers you not just Mac management capabilities but also iOS, iPadOS & AppleTV management capabilities, Apple device management becomes a breeze for Mac system admins.


Fixing your goal to become a Mac system admin is just a start. Learning from the right sources, getting hands-on experience, connecting with the communities, and getting familiar with a UEM tool like Hexnode are the major steps in your becoming a pro-Mac admin journey.

It’s a never-ending learning path & new features keep popping up from Apple which means that you have to stay updated. If you have set your path already, Hexnode UEM will be the best guide to accompany you in this Mac system admin journey.


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