[Infographic] The need for UEM solutions in the healthcare industry

Jayden Traoré

Sep 15, 2021

1 min read

With remote healthcare gaining traction, the need for a UEM solution at hospitals and healthcare facilities is at an all-time high. Hospitals mostly use tablets and smartphones for monitoring patient health and vitals throughout the day. Healthcare centers with a large workforce will find it challenging to keep their deployed devices managed and monitored without a UEM solution.

From managing and securing patient data to remote troubleshooting and kiosks, UEMs are healthy for managing healthcare devices. We have compiled seven critical applications that highlight the need for a UEM solution at a healthcare facility.


Hexnode is a unified endpoint management solution that can help healthcare facilities streamline their endpoint management and monitoring requirements.

Read our case studies on Andalusia Hospitals and Smoky mountain home health to know how we help improve patient monitoring and endpoint management at healthcare facilities.

Jayden Traoré

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