How to streamline UEM migration using Hexnode Gateway?

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Oct 26, 2022

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Let’s migrate the Mac from one MDM to another?

Oh…That’s a lot of tasks there!!!😣

All IT admins who are looking to switch to another MDM will have this viewpoint. We can’t blame them as this migration process is really hectic and time-consuming.

At first, they will have to erase the device and start from scratch to enroll it in another MDM. Even the devices that were manually enrolled initially should be unenrolled from the old MDM before re-enrolling. All this takes a lot of time and effort. To solve these issues and to smoothen the migration process, Hexnode has introduced its new Gateway feature.

What is the actual need for Mac management?

Mac device management requires a lot of time, work, and planning when done manually. As a result, businesses began to realize that the best approach to handle this problem is to use a suitable Mac management tool that provides excellent ways to lower your IT operating expenses and time spent managing your Macs.

Hexnode UEM provides complete mobility management software that works with all popular operating systems, including macOS. The main features of Hexnode Mac management are:

What is Hexnode Gateway?

As we discussed, migrating to a new MDM solution can create a lot of extra work, and nobody likes extra work unless you have a bunch of Amy Santiago in your IT team.

Ooh! More work! GIF from Brooklyn Nine-Nine by tenor

With the new feature, Gateway, Hexnode streamlines the migration process of macOS devices with mass deployment capability. Using the Hexnode Gateway, the IT admins will go through a three-step process of configuring the app, distributing it, and migrating the device. As this functionality smoothens the shifting between UEMs, IT admins can ensure an easier migration process.

The most helpful factor is that the device won’t need to be wiped during the procedure. Macs that previously used Automated Device Enrollment (or DEP) to enroll in another MDM server will remain under supervision and continue to operate as regular following migration.

Why the need for this easy migration?

Sometimes the organization requires more than what the present UEM can provide. As a result, organizations might need to switch to another UEM solution to handle and manage these changes. The transition to a new UEM solution may also demand a device wipe.

A UEM system migration will be more difficult when the firm is larger. IT admins in an organization may also find it challenging and time-consuming to restore device functioning and enrollment. The UEM migration is demanding because it enables additional management possibilities with improved security and control over all endpoints. Still, the process might bring a hectic headache for the IT admins as already mentioned.

macOS onboarder
Hexnode console with migration option

A unique enrollment technique for moving macOS devices to Hexnode UEM is presented by Hexnode using the Gateway feature. Without wiping the device, the Hexnode Gateway remotely migrates macOS devices to Hexnode UEM, making the tasks of IT admins much more effortless.
The finest part is that the procedure is secure throughout. The configuration file is encrypted, and user authentication can be imposed before migration. As the migration process starts, IT admins can set the device to full-screen mode through the Gateway settings. This prevents the user from exiting and using the device before migration.

Featured Resource

Hexnode Mac Management Solution

Managing the large fleet of enterprise Mac devices can be tedious without an effective device management solution. Download the datasheet to learn more about Hexnode’s Mac-specific management strategies.

Download datasheet

Working of Hexnode Gateway

From the Hexnode dashboard, admins may create a custom PKG file with the Hexnode Gateway settings specified. The only condition here is that the existing MDM solution on the device must support the deployment of .pkg files.

The created PKG file should be deployed to the target devices after being downloaded. The automated installation of the Hexnode Gateway software helps IT admins start the migration process and enroll in the Hexnode UEM.

Admins can modify the application’s parameters from the Hexnode interface before remotely deploying the gateway’s PKG file. Additionally, installing an app may be automated, removing the necessity for manual installation.

Along with facilitating migration, the Gateway tool streamlines enrollment and adds new Macs to Hexnode that weren’t previously controlled. This feature includes the configuration of Gateway app settings, Wi-Fi settings and VPN settings. When the migration starts, these Wi-Fi and VPN setups will be automatically applied by the Gateway app to keep the device connected to the internet.

The Gateway feature helps in the enrollment process based on the following device scenarios:
SCENARIO 1: Device Enrolled in MDM: Yes, DEP Device: No

In this case, the Hexnode Gateway app initiates the enrollment process once the disenrollment from the current MDM happens. The MDM profile must be accepted by the admin user before installation on macOS 10.15 and later.

SCENARIO 2: Device Enrolled in MDM: No, DEP Device: Yes

In the DEP portal, reassign the device to an MDM server connected to this Hexnode UEM console. Once the device gets synced with the Hexnode portal, the migration process from the Gateway app can be done without even wiping the device. When the device is signed up for Hexnode, update the DEP profile if necessary.

SCENARIO 3: Device Enrolled in MDM: Yes, DEP Device: Yes

This is a combination of both the scenarios mentioned above. When the disenrollment from the current MDM happens, reassign the device to an MDM server connected to this Hexnode UEM console in the DEP portal. Once the device gets synced with the Hexnode portal, the migration process from the Gateway app can be done without even wiping the device. When the device is signed up for Hexnode, update the DEP profile if necessary.

SCENARIO 4: Device Enrolled in MDM: No, DEP Device: No

This scenario explains the normal enrollment method facilitated by the Gateway app. When enrolled, the Hexnode Gateway app initiates the enrollment. The MDM profile must be accepted by the admin user before installation on macOS 10.15 and later.

When configuring the gateway app settings, Hexnode provides two enrollment types for the IT admins. They are:

Adaptive: automatically detects the device capabilities and initiates Automated Device Enrollment (for DEP devices) or Device Enrollment (Manual) as suited.

Device enrollment (Manual): forces manual Device Enrollment. It’s not advised because this reduces the device management capabilities.


How Hexnode UEM helps in overall Mac management?

The Mac management using Hexnode functions in a way that ensures the necessary management strategy is carried out and reliable IT security measures are in place. We can install and configure Mac devices using Hexnode UEM, which guarantees that the characteristics of Mac management are never compromised.

Hexnode covers all aspects of Mac management, from setup to deployment from a single console. The main advantage of using Hexnode are as follows:

  • Distributing and installing apps on target devices automatically.
  • Ensuring that the equipment complies with company security guidelines.
  • By enforcing strict password regulations, disc encryption techniques, firewall setup, screensaver settings, certificate management, and many other security measures, we can help you protect the fleet of Macs in your company.
  • Tracking locations, changing device setups, monitoring and regulating app installation, and more.

Wrapping up

After Microsoft Windows, macOS is the second-most famous desktop operating system. With 91.6 million sales, the PC market saw an increase across the board, producing the best quarterly growth since 2010. Nevertheless, IDC said that while Apple’s market share increased by 49%, market growth reached 26.1%. The growing usage and adoption of macOS in the business sector show the importance of managing it with an effective UEM like Hexnode.

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