How advanced is ChatGPT?: We recently put ChatGPT to the test and here’s what we found out.

Alie Ashryver

Mar 14, 2023

9 min read

“Genie, I wish for you to make me a prince!”

Remember this movie? Aladdin, the beautiful princess Jasmine, Genie with his wild sense of humor, and of course, Abu flying around on the magic carpet stealing everything in plain sight, did send us rolling with laughter while captivating us with the sheer beauty of magic. Aren’t we all guilty of watching the Disney movie and thinking how wonderful it would’ve been to have a genie at our beck and command. Didn’t we also wish to have someone wave their fingers and have all our heart’s desires laid out at our feet, or at least someone to finish up our assignments and help write essays that make sense and score good grades? Yup, we are all guilty! Well, getting a blue-colored genie to turn you into a prince or princess, may be farfetched, but there sure is a genie to answer all your content demands, ChatGPT.

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Yup, ChatGPT’s been the rage for quite some time now. Content creators’ very own genie, ChatGPT, has been the talk of the town. And so today, we’ll see if we can’t pick its brains. So, why keep waiting? Let’s dive right in!

Setting the stage:

AI is transforming the world as we know it in ways that were once unimaginable. From automating routine tasks to solving complex problems, AI does it all. Revolutionizing industries like healthcare, finance, and transportation is just the first step in AI becoming an indispensable tool for businesses and individuals alike. Even with all the possibilities of AI that we’ve seen to date, we’ve barely scratched the surface. ChatGPT is the latest wonder that has content creation teams across the globe in a chokehold.

A simple background check suggests that ChatGPT is an AI model that generates human-like responses to text prompts. Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT uses deep learning techniques to generate human-like responses. The transformer model is the basis for ChatGPT’s architecture. This architecture is how ChatGPT can respond in a contextually appropriate and grammatically correct way.

Fact alert:

The Transformer model is an advanced artificial intelligence technique. Advanced enough to revolutionize the way machines understand and process language. It is the backbone of many state-of-the-art language models. Technically, the Transformer model uses the idea of attention. Just like humans, machines need to focus on specific parts of the input to understand its meaning. The Transformer model accomplishes this by using a unique mechanism called self-attention. Using this technique, the model can selectively focus on different parts of the input sequence to generate an output sequence.

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The implications of ChatGPT’s advanced capabilities are very vast indeed. ChatGPT is currently one of the most advanced language models available. Its ability to understand context, nuance, and complex questions sets it apart from other models. ChatGPT is a complete game-changer with the potential to transform language communication across different industries.

Testing the waters…

Just going on and on about ChatGPT ain’t going to cut the deal. There’s only so much you can understand by reading about something. So, we do the next best thing! We test out the AI. With all this buzz about ChatGPT being advanced enough to have applications ranging from chatbots to content generation to language translation, it is only fair that the AI be tested across various scenarios that might cause the AI to rack its brain or neurons in this case! From asking about the meaning of life and the best ways to keep the thousands of devices in an office setting secure to the recommendations for a service tweaked by some criteria and what ChatGPT thinks about Hexnode, we have our prompts ready. Let’s have a quick rundown of our prompts and scenarios, and then we can check for ourselves how good ChatGPT really is.

Check 1:

Starting with the basics, let’s see how easily ChatGPT can wow us on the content generation front. Philosophers across the globe have spent hours and hours in classes trying to conceptualize the abstract notion of the meaning of life. So, obviously, an AI’s take on this age-old question is bound to be interesting!

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Check 2:

Now for the conversational skills, let’s see if ChatGPT can hold a conversation with prompts that suggest that the user is of a different age group at different attempts. Technically, ChatGPT is conversing with a 5-year-old, a middle-aged business guy, and an old guy enjoying his retirement in Hawaii. Sounds trippy? Well, this way, we can see how well-defined ChatGPT’s conversational flow is. Also, this will determine if ChatGPT can change the narrative to make it easier for the user to comprehend.

Check 3:

Oookay….now that the conversational bases are covered, we definitely need to see if ChatGPT can be our trusted go-to for some recommendations. The usual recs for gamers trying to find a game that fits their niche or maybe a company trying to find the best fit for their device management needs. What if the Stark tower downtown wants to turn a whole section into a mini Times Square scene that shows the Avengers helping people, and Mr. Stark wants to know which UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) has the best kiosk solution that could fit their requirements? Can ChatGPT help Mr.Stark out?

Watching the magic happen…

Whew! We had quite a few prompts to check out, didn’t we? Yup, we did. All these prompts and answers from ChatGPT made something crystal clear – artificial intelligence is as good as magic and is here to stay! Here’s why…

Content generation at its best:

ChatGPT is content generation at its best. There is no denying this fact. Whatever may be the topic, the tone of delivery, or even the type of content, ChatGPT’s got gifts for all. Blog posts, explanations, story sketches – name it, with ChatGPT, it’s just a prompt away! Remember the OG question, meaning of life? The depth of the answer that ChatGPT comes up with is enough to make any philosopher proud, and the simplicity of explanation leaves you in awe. ChatGPT is no philosopher, but it sure can answer like one.

Phenomenal response time:

Writing an essay at the last moment is a real pain. No matter what sort of deadline mode you activate, you really can’t finish the entire essay in 5 minutes. But now, with ChatGPT, you can. You can have a full-length essay in less than five minutes with the correct prompts. Tweak around with the prompts, and your A-grade submission is ready to go. ChatGPT’s response time really is phenomenal and one of its selling points.

Impeccable flow and grammar:

ChatGPT really does cater to the need. Want something rephrased to get a five-year-old to understand? Prompt it and get it. Want something formal and commanding enough to grip the boardroom? Prompt it and get it. Whatever you need, prompt it and get it! Ask, and thou shalt receive, indeed! The language caters to the prompt, but no matter what, grammar stays impeccable.

Reasonably accurate:

Okay! Reasonably accurate might be an understatement because the thing is scarily accurate, but then again, there’ll always be a margin of error, so human verification and discretion are advised. After all, there is no such thing as too sure. ChatGPT was created using billions and billions of data records. Although officially, the data cut-off is September 2021, anything before that is fair game. On another note, when asked how an organization can secure all the devices deployed in the offices, ChatGPT quickly caught the pulse and directed the conversation to the importance of device management. What can we say, ChatGPT is advanced enough to know that organizations need an appropriate UEM solution.

Easy recommendations:

Pour your heart out, say what you want, and let your fairy god-ChatGPT make suggestions for you. On that note, Mr. Stark might have to get a bit more research done to choose their UEM with the best-fit kiosk solution. However, ChatGPT can help with the research by refining pointers and listing out pros and cons. Or, Mr. Stark could check out Hexnode, just saying!

So, you see, ChatGPT really is a winner.

What does the look-into-the-future crystal say about ChatGPT?

What, indeed, does the future look like for ChatGPT? If you ask me, all I can say is that it looks bright, filled with endless possibilities. But what does ChatGPT say? Well, ChatGPT sees its future tied to the advancements and developments in the field of artificial intelligence and natural language processing. The future looks a lot like learning and improving its ability to understand and generate human-like language, thanks to ongoing research and updates to its training data.

Signing off…

Fun, wasn’t it, this chit-chat about ChatGPT? Well, it sure is advanced and worthy of being OpenAI’s crown jewel. If there’s one word for it, I’d wager anything, the word is ‘awesome’ in all caps! But hey, all you kids who think homework’s just a few clicks away, be careful now, teachers have help too. After all, AI detectors like GPTZero are becoming increasingly popular. Be that as it may, I can summarize the last 1498 words into a single line as I bid thee farewell – there’s no stopping AI!

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