Hexnode UEM wraps 2022 with AD Asset Binding for Windows and Username Passthrough functionality for Knox Devices

Astrid Wolff

Dec 23, 2022

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The new features transform the hybrid work culture and address the growing concerns about identity thefts

San Francisco, CA, 23 rd December 2022: Hexnode, the global leader in Unified Endpoint Management, wraps up the year by expanding its product capabilities with features and integrations to seamlessly transform enterprise-wide device, app, content, identity, and threat management. The feature-rich product now includes Active Directory (AD) Asset Binding for Windows devices and Username Passthrough functionality for Knox Devices.

“Over the past twelve months, we have been committed to expanding Hexnode’s product capabilities. We have implemented Active Directory Asset Binding for Windows devices and Knox Username Passthrough, making headway into delivering two crucial features sought out by our customers. Prior to this, we expanded the product capabilities by extending our support for Android TV OS in addition to the release of Mac Onboarder, both of which had a tremendous impact on our user base. We also partnered with major industrial players, including Kaspersky, OpenVPN, and Secureframe, sealing the year with the commitment to deliver greater in the coming years,” said Sahad M, CTO of Hexnode. “As we come to the end of the year, we have a product that has grown and developed significantly over the years, and we look forward to introducing new features and capabilities in the best interest of our customers and partner community,” he continued.

Hexnode’s AD Asset Binding for Windows devices is a great advantage for the hybrid work culture following its capability to transform device management into a zero-touch endeavor. The Active Directory domain allows IT admins to bind devices to appropriate user accounts enabling users to seamlessly log in to their corporate asset using their AD credentials, eliminating the need to create separate user accounts for each device. Although this powerful tool allows businesses to get oversight into the devices logged onto their network and assign access to resources, it comes with a drawback. To configure AD as an identity provider, administrators have to bind devices to the domain in person. Hexnode’s latest feature update addresses the concern by allowing companies to remotely bind devices to the Active Directory domain through the Hexnode portal itself.

Furthermore, Hexnode has incorporated the ‘Knox Username Passthrough’ feature for augmenting security for Knox devices. This feature prompts users to enroll devices with credentials previously specified in the Knox portal. The enrollment technique authenticates the user’s identity by forcing the user to enter a password that compliments the username already filled in the portal. In light of the growing concerns about identity thefts, the feature ensures that only a specific user is capable of enrolling the device into the Hexnode portal, thereby adding an extra layer of security.

The latest feature rollouts follow Hexnode’s recent announcement regarding the release of ‘Mac Onboarder,’ which enables IT admins to streamline macOS migration from a previous MDM solution to Hexnode. Hexnode’s pricing plan starts at $1.08 per device per month, and it extensively supports Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and Android devices. The platform also offers a 14-day free trial.

About Hexnode

Hexnode, an award-winning cloud-based Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution, was developed with the mission of helping enterprises manage their device fleet. Recognizing the value of corporate data and witnessing the emergence of BYODs, COPEs, and COBOs, Hexnode has been in an endeavor of introducing intelligent technologies to safeguard devices against threats and thefts. It offers full mobility management software compatible with all major platforms, including Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, Fire OS, and Apple TVs. Hexnode, known for its enthusiastic support crew, offers a free trial for those interested in giving it a try.


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